For years people have been told that losing weight is all about willpower.  However, those who have tried many different strategies with mixed results have realized it’s more than just willpower.  Hormones, genetics, medications, underactive thyroids, age, stress, and specific health issues are some of the many reasons why we gain weight and have trouble losing it.

So what if instead of formulating a weight loss game plan around losing fat, the process revolved around being healthy?  What if the process was based on how the food we eat and the exercise we perform positively influenced our hormones, metabolism, stress levels, and health issues?  If so, wouldn’t fat loss be a nice side effect among many other great health benefits?

Leaders in sports, business and personal growth constantly discuss the process that leads to results.  In sports, teams don’t just show up and win, businesses don’t just open their doors and magically make money and people don’t just turn 21 and have all the answers.  Teams, businesses and individuals have all embraced the process to find success.

Successful fat loss is no different.  Losing 5, 10, 20, 100 pounds doesn’t happen overnight, but rather is a result of the process.  By focusing on improving the various problems that cause weight gain and inflammation we can improve our health and our waistline.

Eating for health in 3 ways:

1.     Hormonal Balance

2.     Improving Digestion

3.     Decreasing Inflammation

•  Eating foods that minimize or eliminate spikes in fat storage hormones such as insulin and restoring appetite regulating hormones such as leptin will transform your health.

•  Performing exercise centered around total muscle fiber activation and recruitment without subjecting your body to prolonged exposure to stressor hormones will transform your health.

•  Eliminating allergenic foods that can potentially trigger autoimmune responses, bloating, allergic reactions, brain fog, mood swings, and fatigue will transform your health.

•  Eating only foods that promote proper digestion in your body will transform your health.

•  Eating foods that do NOT trigger an inflammatory response, high blood pressure and high cholesterol will transform your health.

Eating foods and exercising with these strategies in mind is the process that will not only make you healthier, but also deliver the fat loss solution you want. The Metabolic Comeback, found only at The Exercise Coach, is built around these core principles.  Our nutrition and exercise program is designed to improve the way you look, feel and function, and the results will be in your health and around your waist.