Based on revolutionary fitness science and an industry-leading proprietary fitness data platform, The Exercise Coach Smart 20 ™ Fitness System is the world’s smartest, simplest and most scalable fitness business opportunity.


Utilizing Exerbotics, our proprietary equipment and technology platform, we offer the most advanced fitness and exercise solutions in the word.  This allows us to work with clients of all ages and fitness levels.  The data-driven results our clients achieve drive high retention and satisfaction.  As an owner, you are delivering a workout that isn’t able to be replicated anywhere in your market.


Exercise Coach represents a small-footprint and low-cost alternative to the large gyms and group fitness studio franchises.  A fully functional Exercise Coach can be located in a little as 800 square feet and can be opened with 2-3 employees to start.  Once opened, there are very few operational challenges.  Just market, sell and grow your business while managing your coaching staff and spreading the message of fitness in your community.


Perfect for multi-unit franchisees, all business systems are tracked by an industry-leading CRM, allowing real-time access to crucial business and sales data.  Each location can be fully managed by a Lead Coach, freeing up the owners’ time to work on the business, not in it.  And best of all, a turnkey marketing system delivers consistent lead flow and we offer sales training and a custom sales platform to empower your coaches to follow up with each prospect and close more clients.

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The Franchise Discovery Process

We are currently seeking motivated franchise candidates who are serious about business ownership. Currently, we are awarding single and multi-unit territory franchises in markets around the United States.

The Franchise Discovery process is a two-way street: you will receive all the information you need to make an informed decision, and we will review all candidates to gauge potential fit for the business and franchise system.

Judging Mutual Interest & Fit

  • Submit an inquiry
  • Review the material provided via e-mail, and if you feel you fit our profile, a development team member will contact you
  • Conduct several phone calls with a member of our development team to discover more about the franchise opportunity

Application & Preliminary Approval

  • Complete and Return Franchise Application
  • Review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • Review the documents with our development staff

Validation & Territory Review

  • Introduction to existing franchisees for validation
  • Review territories available
  • Discuss multi-unit opportunities with our development team

Discovery Day

  • If you are pre-approved you will be invited to a Discovery Day at one of our corporate training locations
  • Meet Leadership Team
  • Experience the Workout and Studio Environment

Frequently Asked Questions

We target the 50 and over consumer profile.  Why does this matter?  They are the largest, most affluent, and most loyal consumers in the fitness industry.  And ther is NO NATIONAL BRAND in fitness that meets their needs and understands their challenges.  81% of Exercise Coach clients are over 45, which is really unique for a fitness business.

Compared to traditional personal training our clients pay less per session and receive a better workout. At The Exercise Coach, clients receive a better workout in a shorter period of time. And our franchise owners can become experts in delivering the best workouts to people who will truly appreciate it.

Absolutely. We’re not just looking for fitness people to be franchise owners. Our ideal franchisee is someone who would make a good Exercise Coach client. We’re most interested in finding quality people who understand the need for effective exercise in their own lives and would feel good about delivering it to others.

Additionally, our business is one where the owner can work on the business rather than in the business. You’ll be hiring and managing others to deliver The Exercise Coach System to your clients, and they will receive in-depth training and certifications. This allows you to own more than one Exercise Coach Studio, if you so desire. Don’t let your lack of fitness industry experience make you feel disqualified – in fact, some of our most successful franchisees came from other professions.

The total initial investment to open an Exercise Coach studio (as stated in our FDD in Item 7) ranges from approximately $80,000-$300,000. We offer 2 models – a Suite which is 800-1,200 square feet of office space and a smaller equipment package, and a Studio, which is 1,200-2,000 square feet of retail and features more fitness equipment.  Talk to our Development Team to understand more and see which model is the right fit for you.

All financial representations must be disclosed in our FDD, in particular in Items 7 and 19.  We do disclose financial performance in our FDD.  Please speak to our Development Team about receiving an FDD and understanding the unit economics further.

No doubt you see many gyms, clubs, and fitness studios around your community. There are plenty of places to go to exercise. The problem with most of these places is that they fight over the 10-15% of the population who love to work out. These avid exercisers are self-motivated people who jump for fitness fad to fitness fad looking for a new workout.

We have pioneered an approach aimed at the 50+ marketplace.  There are 60 million adults in the Us over 50.  They hold 70% of the discretionary income, and are far more loyal, with an average length of membership that’s 2 years longer than the average customer.  And yet, 80% of them report that they are unsatisfied with the current fitness options in their marketplace.  The hot, sweaty, crowded and large fitness scene just doesn’t appeal to a sophisticated and older client demographic.

Yes! The results you get from exercise have little to do with the amount of time you spend exercising. Your body’s ability to make itself stronger, more enduring, and more metabolically fit are determined by three factors: the quality of the exercise you do; the amount of time you allow for rest, recovery and rebuilding before your next session; and the quality of nutrition, especially immediately after your workouts.

Our approach is the safest and most efficient path to achieving the results most people want – to look and feel better, and to improve their health. Over the past 18 years, we have trained thousands of clients with only 20-minute sessions, and we have stayed consistent with our message that ‘muscle quality matters far more than movement quantity.

Everyone knows they should exercise; however, only 10-15% of the US adult population does so on a regular basis. That means that nearly 9 out of 10 people are not exercising regularly. Most of the fitness industry competes for the small numbers of avid exercisers, who enjoy working out and consider it part of their lifestyle. We have the perfect solution for the majority of people who have found traditional exercise tedious, intimidating, ineffective, or just unpleasant.

We specifically target Baby Boomers, the fastest growing population segment in the U.S. Most of the wealth in the country is in the hands of those over 50. To understand how attractive this market is, consider that in the U.S. someone turns 50 every 7.5 seconds. Also, starting in 2011, 10,000 baby boomers turned 65 each and every day. These consumers feel ignored and are unhappy with the offerings at most gyms and clubs. We have focused our entire business at meeting their needs.

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This web page does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise.   No franchise is being offered to you unless and until we have registered with any required governmental authority in your state as a seller of franchises, and you have been presented with an approved Franchise Disclosure Document.  This web page is for informational purposes only.