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Why It Works

Watch the video to see

It’s a myth that you need “30-60 minute workouts, 3-5x a week.”

Research and our many raving fans support our core belief that muscle quality matters more than movement quantity.

The healthier and more productive approach is to exercise smarter, not longer. Traditional exercise tools deliver too much load at certain points and too little resistance at others. This mismatch dramatically reduces exercise effectiveness and promotes improper form.

Everything you want from a fitness program can be achieved with no more than two, 20-minute sessions per week that focus on total body fitness through customized muscular conditioning.

What makes our workouts different:
Exerbotics® Machines

Our bio-sensitive training technologies make it possible to measure your unique muscular and metabolic makeup and prescribe workouts that are entirely appropriate for you.

Instead of asking you to adapt to a dumbbell or weight stack, our technologies adapt to your capabilities and comfort level every second of every session.

Come in for your free sessions to experience the difference!

Designed to work with your body, around your schedule.

Save time: Short sessions 2x per week

Inclusive: Works for those with injuries or limited mobility

More affordable than standard training

Private studio gym

Effective efficient fitness technology

Friendly, masterful coaches

Safe for all ages and fitness levels

Track your results in the app


Strength Changes Everything?

Our proven Personal Training programs rely on decades of experience, the best available scientific evidence, and our signature strength training technology.

Click here to read our Scientific Support paper written by medical, fitness, and research experts.

Reach the body and the health that matter most to you in a fraction of the time.

Take back your health and energy with short weekly sessions that work for you.


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