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What we eat accounts for 80% of our weight-loss success or failure.  While exercise helps to improve our muscle quality, which in turn improves our metabolism, we can quickly destroy the many benefits of our exercise efforts with the wrong diet.

At The Exercise Coach®, we have developed a Nutrition Playbook to help educate our clients on the foods that will best promote optimum health and decrease inflammation, water retention, and other damaging effects.  Through Whole-Effort Exercise and Whole-Food Eating recommendations, all of our clients can experience what we call The Metabolic Comeback™.


A great way to kickstart your Metabolic Comeback™ and reset from time to time is to take a personal or group 30-Day Metabolic Comeback™ Challenge.  Did you know that we now have a Pinterest board exclusively containing recipes approved for the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback?  Take a look through the more than 150 ideas and feast your eyes on just how many wonderful meals are awaiting you!

Save your recipes and plan your weekly meals! Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what your next meal will be. It’s when we are hungry and and desperate that it’s easiest to reach for the wrong kind of foods. Write down what you plan to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week so you can make sure to buy the ingredients needed to prepare each meal. Check out the meal planning worksheet and food journal located on our Nutrition web page.

What Should Be On My Plate?

We’ve also created a wonderful guide for you to keep posted on your fridge during your 30-Day Metabolic Comeback™.  You can also take a picture with your smart phone to use while you shop.  Listed here are all the items approved for The 30-Day Metabolic Comeback™.  It is also a great ongoing guide since we recommend that 80% of the time, you eat the foods on the guide.  Pick this up at your local studio or download it here.

After you have filled your grocery cart with the fresh produce, meats, and healthy fats from the list above, feel free to check out some of the great packaged items available for added convenience. Remember, eating right does not have to be a huge chore!


From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Artichoke Hearts packaged in Water – Perfect to slice up for salads

Sun Dried Tomatoes packaged in Olive Oil – Lovely for sauces or salads

Sliced Fruit – Convenient individual packages freeze-dried fruit – Grab and Go!

Whole Almonds – A great value, great for snacking, salads, or pretty much anything!

Organic Coconut Oil – Comes in a 2-pack, great for cooking

Vanilla Beans – Make awesome treats like coconut whipped cream to serve with fruit!

Victoria Marinara Sauce – Made with all fresh ingredients, use this with meatballs over zoodles for a lovely meal.

Bagged Cauliflower Florets – With all the cauli rice you will make, these packages are perfect!

Organic Raisins – One of the few dried fruits without added sugars.  Yum!

Franks Red Hot Sauce – Add a little heat without the added sugar!  Great on eggs.

Medjool Dates – Best for making your own sauces, dressings, or popping in any time

Bagged Assorted Baby Squash – For a little variety when it comes to your veggies

Dried Honey Crisp Apples – Dried, but not crunchy, sweet and chewy, great for a salad or snack

Organic Tomatoes – Buy these in bulk for the many recipes they will be used for!

Canned Pink Salmon – Wild caught, Alaskan.  Great, easy protein

Pure Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea – For an alternative to water.  Try adding some fresh squeezed lemon or fresh mint!

Spinach Florentine Sausage – Organic chicken sausages.  Use in a breakfast hash or for dinner.

Antioxidant Frozen Berry Blend – For vitamin packed smoothies

Macadamia Nuts – Look for these as well as the shelled pistachios in the nut aisle

Pitted Kalamata Olives – To add great flavor to salads, soups, or sauces

Chia Seeds – Add crunch to salads, or try a chia pudding without the honey

Cold Pressed Green Juice – Yum!  Made only of kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, romaine, lemon, and mint.

Hard Boiled Eggs – Couldn’t be easier – 24 peeled, ready to eat hard boiled eggs!

*Update Jan 2017: We know there are many new products available all the time, and the list above is a selection of products available at the time this post was published.


From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Uncooked Bison Burgers – Thaw 2-3 hours before desired cooking, grill, and top with your favorites for a delicious bunless burger meal.

Just Mango Slices – Dried mango, a great snack!

Roasted Plantain Chips – Made in Peru, a nice crunchy snack alternative to potato chips!

Unsweetened Dried Bing Cherries – Lovely for salads, sauces, or snacking.  All fruit, no sugar

21 Seasoning Salute – This spice blend will be your best friend.  Use on meats, potatoes, or veggies!  Tastes great and no sugars!

Organic Free Range Extra Large Brown Eggs – The best you can buy from a store

Coconut Oil – In case you forgot to buy from Costco, Trader Joe’s has you covered!

Organic Unsweetened Applesauce – Made from organic apples, this applesauce tastes naturally sweet without the danger of any hidden lead or pesticides

Chile Lime Chicken Burgers – Another great option to thaw, grill and eat for a fun, simple source of protein.

*Update Jan 2017: We know there are many new products available all the time, and the list above is a selection of products available at the time this post was published


Are ready to have more energy, get rid of unwanted bloat, decrease cravings and inflammation, regulate your hormones, sleep better, and feel great?  Talk to your coach today about getting started on your own personal 30-Day Metabolic Comeback™ Challenge.

(See also: 30-Day Metabolic Comeback™ Approved Items from Whole Foods!)


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