If you’re like most people, you make a plan to eat better!  Breakfast begins the day just great with a nice green protein shake filled with spinach, protein powder, berries and Coconut oil.  Lunch is a green salad with organic chicken, kale, chopped egg, veggies, and olive oil with balsamic vinegar dressing.  And dinner will be 5-Star: salmon sautéed with garlic and dill, with a side of steamed carrots.  You’re feeling really great about your efforts!

Uh oh!  Sometime around mid-afternoon, hunger sets in. You’re at work or on the go and you can’t run out and find a healthy snack that won’t blow your hard work!  You know you should have brought something from home, but you were so busy planning your three healthy meals that day, time got away from you.u.

Plan for Healthy Snacking

Here’s what you do. Plan ALL your snacks out.  Not for just one day, but every day.  Then, every day that you wish to have a healthy snack, you simply eat an allowed snack and your hunger pains won’t stand a chance.  When you are hungry is the worst time to think of a snack you wish to eat.  It’s also the worst time to go grocery shopping. You need to always be on offense when it comes to snack time and hunger in between meals.

There are many healthy snacks to choose from, but remember: having too many to choose from creates more work. Pick from a handful that you actually like; not ones you are settling for just because you believe they are good for you.  When you settle, hunger pains can actually still win because you may reject your choice. When you actually like your snack, you will choose to eat it because it’s delicious. You probably will be look forward to snack time.time.

Here are some of my favorites Some contain chocolate!:

Handfuls of nuts, seeds coconut flakes and dried fruits*.  Pick which type you like and prepare small bags or small containers with them in advance. Treat yourself in some of your sacks by putting in a few dark chocolate pieces with no added sugars.

Antioxidant Dark Chocolate Bark*.  Make a big batch and store in small bags or containers in the fridge. (recipe located on www.exercisecoach.com / resources / nutritional information).

Cacao Powder Protein Shake.  If you have a break room at work, keep an individual size smoothie blender on hand and whip one up. Cacao powder, almond or coconut milk, protein powder (Coach Fuel or Coach Fuel-DF recommended), and a little bit of ice. You can also add a dollop of nut butter or various fruits to keep it interesting.

Apples with Almond or Cashew Butter.  Chop up an apple in the morning and put a splash of lemon juice to keep from it from browning. Scoop a tablespoon of nut butter in a bowl and dip your apple to enjoy the great-tasting combo. Works well with bananas too!

Guacamole. A batch can last two to three days if sealed properly. Dip fresh veggies like carrots, peppers or celery. (recipe on www.exercisecoach.com / resources / nutritional information).

Raw Veggies.  Chop ahead and put in snack packs to go! Carrots, celery, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers, etc. Mix and match. Dip in nut butters, guacamole, or homemade vinaigrette dressing (recipe on www.exercisecoach.com / resources / nutritional information).

Fresh Fruits. Any individual fruits that you like, or a variety.  Chop ahead and put in snack packs.  (If you have issues with blood sugar, choose blackberries, raspberries or strawberries, which are lower in sugar).

Plantain Chips.  Crunchy and sweet – Trader Joe’s has them ready to go!

Avocado. Scoop out half one day and half the next. Seal tightly to keep from browning.

RXBAR.  They come in a variety of flavors and have only five natural ingredients! No added sugars! Rxbar.com or at your local The Exercise Coach® Studio.

Grapes.  Have a handful with an ounce or two of raw milk cheese (sold at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s).

Hard Boiled Eggs.  Have one or two – they’re only about 70 calories each. Tons of nutrition are packed into this easy-to-eat snack. Have some salt or pepper on hand to season. Make a dozen for the week!

Start planning your own snack attack packs, and be ready when between-meal hunger sets in!

*Dried fruit is not allowed during The 30 Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge.™