Science Backed Nutritional and Exercise For Covid 19 Mitigation

It seems that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere in the near future.  Here are three areas of focus for you to act to promote immune system strength and protect your health.

Prevention is always the best medicine

Our immune system is our best line of defense against viral and bacterial infections.  In order to ensure that it’s operating optimally, we need to make sure we provide our immune system with the raw ingredients that allow it to function at its best.  The first line of defense is an anti-inflammatory diet rich in vegetables, good fats (Omega 3’s), and great-sourced protein such as organic, free-range eggs, organic pastured chicken, grass-fed beef, or pastured pork. Now is a great time to read and review The Exercise Coach® Nutrition Playbook to learn how to eat a well-balanced, whole-food Diet. And, let’s not forget that staying hydrated with water is very important to help maintain organ, cell and tissue health.

Research has connected a few micronutrients with better COVID-19 responses and stronger immune systems, along with taking a very good multi-vitamin:  Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc and omega 3s.  Among the conclusions of one paper: Adequate levels of vitamins C, D and E are crucial during COVID-19 to reduce symptom burden and lessen the duration of respiratory infection. Research also supports a role for minerals such as zinc as they have antiviral effects and may improve immune responses and suppress viral replication. Therefore, the consumption of adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals through diet is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. 

These essentials are all inexpensive and simple options to ensure we are putting our immune system in the best position possible to succeed. 

Protect Your Personal Fortress
(i.e. Your Muscle)

Our muscle is our fortress in times of challenge, and we need to protect it. Sure, we can wash our hands, wear masks and socially distance, but we can also be sure to continue to exercise with purpose and meaning.  All of the workouts at The Exercise Coach® are designed to stimulate intense-enough muscular contractions to trigger positive responses to our immune system.  A recent study published in Science Direct by the Mayo Clinic concluded: Maximal exercise capacity is independently and inversely associated with the likelihood of hospitalization due to COVID-19.  And that’s what we do at The Exercise Coach®. We work at a ‘relative’ capacity based on each person’s individual ability in order to build the type of protection our bodies need! 

Remember, your most important workout is your next one!

Promote Your Immune health

We are either growing or dying, getting better or getting worse, winning or losing . . . you get the idea.  What trend line do we want to live on?  Our immune system is no different. It’s either getting worse or getting better.  A recent study looked at the effects of a single, high effort, eccentric focused strength training workout. Check out the conclusion of this study: According to these results, a single session of strength exercise protocol could change the physiological and immunological parameters and stimulate the production and release of important myokines…..There is a straight relationship between exercise and the immune system.  

So, embrace your workouts and keep up the great work with your exercise effort in the studio!

Covid-19 is extremely contagious. Therefore, it’s important to adhere to safety guidelines and build your body’s defenses so you are are better equipped for any viral fight! 

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