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Podcast 74

Running Isn’t the Only Way To Train Your Heart and Lungs

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Brian recently had a friend come into the Exercise Coach and he was shocked to find how quickly his heart rate went up after only 60 seconds of properly calibrated strength training exercise, despite being an avid runner. Discover how the three energy systems of the body work, and why high-intensity strength training is definitively the best way to renovate your muscles, heart, and lungs at the same time and combat type 2 diabetes and the most common age-related diseases people suffer from today. 

  • Brian had the opportunity to introduce a friend to the program at the Exercise Coach recently who was an avid runner, and he was quickly surprised at how effectively the program got his heart rate up despite his extensive cardiovascular training.
  • Your heart and your lungs are pumps that respond to the demands being placed on your muscles at any given moment. Aerobic exercise is usually associated with a high heart rate, but that’s not the only time the aerobic energy system is engaged.
  • In relative terms, the most aerobic thing you can do is sit and do nothing. There are three energy-producing systems in the body, and the aerobic oxidative system uses oxygen to produce energy. When we sit and do nothing, the aerobic oxidative system produces nearly 100% of the energy the body needs!
  • When we start to do something more demanding, energy production shifts to become more anaerobic which is why strength training drives that sort of increased heart rate response.
  • The more demand on the muscles, the greater the cardiovascular response.
  • Many new clients have never experienced that kind of workout before getting started with the Exercise Coach.
  • Strength training is the best kind of exercise you can do for diabetes. Out-of-control blood sugar leads to out-of-control inflammation, which is the root cause of all the major diseases associated with aging.
  • As we age and lose muscle, our body becomes resistant to the effects of the hormone insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone that removes glucose from the bloodstream and insulin resistance becomes a real problem.
  • Without being able to remove blood sugar from the bloodstream, due to our muscles diminishing over time, our insulin levels rise and that causes problems in addition to the issues caused by elevated blood sugar.
  • The Strength Training at the Exercise Coach targets muscles that store sugar as glycogen. It renovates your body’s ability to store glycogen and reverses insulin resistance.
  • This puts the body into a much better metabolic state and makes it easier to lose weight and transform your health. Stronger muscles equal stronger health.
  • Type 2 muscle fibers are only used when they encounter demands that are greater than usual. Taking a walk or jogging won’t activate the type 2 muscle fibers in your body but strength training will.
  • Your muscles get better at storing the glycogen they need to perform the demanding work required for strength training. That type of work needs the heart and lungs to increase their output to support what is happening metabolically.
  • When you feel like you’re breathing hard after an intense exertion, that indicates that you’re doing the kind of work needed to renovate your type 2 muscle fibers.
  • Strength training and whole food nutrition are the best things you can do to ward off the risks of type 2 diabetes and other age related diseases.
  • Runners often find that there is missing muscle mass in their body when they go to the Exercise Coach and that the program allows them to perform at an even higher level.
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