Meet Jeff and Staci Goldman.  Jeff, along with his brother Kevin, recently opened the doors of The Exercise Coach – West Bloomfield in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Before launching their new studio, Jeff and Staci decided to put into practice what we at The Exercise Coach® teach our clients about Whole-Food Nutrition in combination with the Right Intensity Training we provide.  They took the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge™ and had some fabulous results. Check out our interview with them below to hear their story.


Tell us about your new location and how you decided to open an Exercise Coach.

Our first location is in the heart of our hometown, West Bloomfield Michigan. We were fortunate enough to secure a location in a very busy retail mall with a lot of foot traffic.

Jeff wanted a career change and sold his business in finance. He spent 9 months researching a new opportunity.  He came upon The Exercise Coach and thought it was a perfect fit because he was always into fitness and exercise. He approached his brother, Kevin, with the concept in hopes he would love it and want to partner in order to open up multiple locations.  The message that The Exercise Coach preaches about the importance of muscle quality and it’s impact on overall health is a philosophy that they both share as well.

What prompted your decision to take the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge?

We feel that you need to practice what you preach.  In order to fully back the Metabolic Comeback Program, we had to take the 30 day Metabolic Comeback Challenge ourselves.  We knew, that even though we “thought” we were eating healthy, there were changes that needed to be made.

What were the biggest changes you noticed during your Metabolic Comeback Challenge? Any surprises?

The biggest change we both noticed is the bloating was going away and we didn’t feel run down and sluggish after eating a meal.

One of the biggest surprises for Jeff was that he was rarely hungry and he lost 12 lbs the first month and 27 lbs to date, even though he didn’t think he needed to lose the weight.  Staci lost the 5 lbs she could never get rid of, and has maintained that to date. The plan is about making great food choices for life. Of course, you do ultimately lose weight and feel good when you truly eat better.

Share what you have learned as a result of completing the Metabolic Comeback Challenge that you will be able to pass onto your clients.

For one, it’s not as scary as it sounds getting rid of certain food groups during the 30 day Challenge.  And when you are able to start adding back in those food groups, you will realize that you didn’t miss them after all.

Next, the key is prepping a day ahead of time. Once you are prepped, it’s easy — you are able to grab and go.  And finally, you will learn to read labels in a different way…you are not counting fat grams or calories, you are making sure it is fresh, whole foods, minus the ingredients you do not want!

What are your best tips for success for a client who may be considering taking this challenge as well?

It’s only 30 days!  Just do it! The Exercise Coach workout is so efficient that you really have more mental energy to invest in healthy eating.  If you have others in your home, doing it together it will make it easier.  After the first couple workouts and first few days of whole-food nutrition your motivation will be super-charged because you will know experientially that you can do it!  I know it sounds cliche, but the Metabolic Comeback is not a diet, it truly is a lifestyle change!

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