Let’s be honest.  When many of us get fed up with our health, and we really want to lose that extra weight, we look to a change in diet to help us get there. However, when we finally achieve the desired result, we stop eating differently and that weight comes right back on.

Changing our diet is about more than just weight loss.  Changing the way you think about food and paying attention to those health and lifestyle improvements that come with cleaning up your nutritional act can help you adopt a sustainable way of eating that allows you to look and feel your best.

What Changing Your Diet Means

At The Exercise Coach, we promote whole-food nutrition.  The simple act of eating foods that are whole (made of one ingredient or in their natural state) or real (not processed in a factory or turned into something else) will make a huge difference for many of us.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) unfortunately includes far more sugar, unhealthy fats, and chemicals than our bodies should digest to function properly.

In addition to choosing whole, real food, we also challenge our clients to eliminate grains (wheat, corn, flour, etc), added sugar, and dairy for 30 days.  These big 3 “food villains” are labeled as such because they oftentimes do our bodies more harm than good.  What this means is that, for the marginal nutritional value you get from eating these foods, you also get an abundance of unwanted responses from your body.  Take a look at the infographic below to see what we mean.

Learn more about these “food villains” and others in our Nutrition Playbook.

How Changing Your Diet Changes You for the Better

Making dietary changes like these can feel difficult.  Your body has been used to a steady flow of sugar, along with those comfort foods filled with wheat and dairy.  While your body is learning to reset, you may take solace in the fact that eating this way will finally allow you to achieve your weight loss goals.  However, measuring your progress via the bathroom scale can be a vicious way to feel defeated.  While losing fat will be one result of sticking to this way of eating, the scale may not reflect that, at least initially.

The good news is that the body experiences lots of positive metabolic changes when we improve our diet.  These changes greatly impact our overall health and wellbeing, but they are easy to overlook in the quest for simply losing five pounds.  While you work through your 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge™, look for changes in your body like improved focus and mood, decreased sugar cravings, energy stabilization, better sleep, reduction in allergies, and more.

It's More Than Weight Loss: How Changing Your Diet Changes You For the Better

Fueling our bodies with whole, nutrient-dense food and eliminating the potentially harmful ones unleashes amazing benefits.  Get ready to experience these as you join us on our National 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge™ this February.  Learn more here.  Enjoy health!