What happens in your body when you combine whole-effort exercise with whole-food nutrition?  You get a whole-new you!

Benefits of Exercise

Performing just one single bout of exercise triggers a cascade of hormonal, cardiovascular, physiological, neurological, endocrinological and biological benefits.  Muscles have been called the windows to every system of the body. If we start with this premise, we can see how transformative whole effort exercise (exercise which delivers immediate effects as well as longer term benefits that force the body to make positive adaptations) can be so meaningful.


– Neurological activity and motor unit recruitment (the greater the ability to recruit muscle fibers). This means we can use more muscle fibers which in turn leads to greater capacity for increased muscular growth (density/quality), and a greater ability to improve glucose metabolism.

– Our body’s ability to lose fat and reduce the risk of obesity and type II diabetes by improving glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

– Cardiovascular function and oxygen uptake in the body. This enhancement leads to lower blood pressure and takes stress off the heart. This also eases the burden of the lungs to ensure oxygen is delivered in the body.

– Our skeletal system because demanding greater load on our muscles leads to stronger tendons and stronger bones.

– Our gastrointestinal tract and its ability to digest food and filter out the nutrition while helping the waste exit our bodies.

– Our endocrine system and its ability to properly balance the production and release of anabolic and catabolic hormones (stress, cortisol, HGH and its impact on the thyroid).

– Our body’s ability to deal with inflammation and the host of chronic disease that begins with cellular inflammation.

– Our body’s ability to actually slow down and in some cases reverse the aging process as well as keep us living a fully functional life.

Learn more about the impact of improved muscle quality on the human body by checking out our Muscle Quality Series.

Benefits of Whole-Food Nutrition

The body experiences lots of positive metabolic changes when we improve our diet. These changes greatly impact our overall health and wellbeing.  When you make the switch to a whole-food diet, look for changes in your body like improved focus and mood, decreased sugar cravings, energy stabilization, better sleep, reduction in allergies, and more.

For those willing to make positive changes towards regular, meaningful and appropriately challenging exercise + a whole-food approach to nutrition, a host of positive outcomes are in store.

At The Exercise Coach®, we have developed a Nutrition Playbook to help educate our clients on the foods that will best promote optimum health and decrease inflammation, water retention, and other damaging effects.

Through Whole-Effort Exercise and Whole-Food Eating recommendations, all of our clients can experience what we call The Metabolic Comeback™.  Ask about starting your own Metabolic Comeback Challenge at your local studio and unleash these benefits in your body!