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How much (or what type of) exercise is needed to get results?

In order to determine the intensity level with which you need to exercise, you’ll first have to determine what your desired “results” are.  For many, the first result that comes to mind is weight loss or weight management.  For others, it’s increased strength and endurance.  Some exercise only because their doctor told them that they must start doing something or else they’ll be at severe risk for heart disease, diabetes, or other health conditions they’d rather not experience.

No matter your desired result, there is a proper dosing of exercise which will stimulate your body to respond in a variety of favorable ways.  The key lies within the science of muscle fiber recruitment.

Are You Exercising at the Right Intensity Level?

All exercise is NOT created equal.  Exercise has to force the body to make a positive adaptation. These positive adaptations include increased bone mineral density, improved metabolic function, strength gains, weight loss, balanced hormonal levels, and more.

The truth is that walking and other weight bearing activity like jogging does NOT stimulate these improvements.

What’s more is that moderate intensity strength training where no meaningful demands are put on the musculature does NOT induce the above improvements either.

So what does work?  Right Intensity Training™ of course!  The reason is because there is meaningful demand being put on the muscles.  We know that as muscles become stronger and capable of generating more force the surrounding structures: tendons, ligaments, bone must also become stronger.

Exercise not only needs to induce positive adaptations but also ensure that the body is not being put at risk for injury.  We are looking for the sweet spot of exercise intensity that forces positive adaptations while protecting the body from any potential injury.  This is where The Exercise Coach‘s Right Intensity Training™ is the ideal.

The Exercise Coach delivers the perfect dose of exercise for every single client.  No matter your goals, capabilities or concerns, our high-tech, exclusive training will allow you to exercise the the right intensity to allow you to enjoy strength and live your best life.