Awhile back we introduced you to JoAnn, one of our inspiring personal training clients at The Exercise Coach, who is sharing her success story with us in an ongoing series of guest posts.  JoAnn lost over 100 pounds by combining whole-effort exercise with whole-food nutrition.

From time to time, JoAnn will share new parts of her journey with us.  To meet JoAnn and read the first post in this series, click here.

Today, JoAnn will continue her story, and answer the question Who else will The Exercise Coach work for?

Who else will The Exercise Coach work for?

Well of course, I think it will work for anyone. That includes the people who’ve watched me do it yet say they never could. They forget I was a lot worse off when I started than they are. I was able to make it through that first workout and all the ones that have come after. I learned to appreciate what those workouts do for me and how they make me feel.

I know there are a lot of reasons people don’t work out.  They don’t have time for lengthy workouts or they think exercise is boring. They’re intimidated by the equipment or afraid of getting hurt. Maybe they think cardio is the way to go and that they have to do it a lot to see results. And how many of you ladies don’t do strength training because you don’t want to get bulky?

Making Time to Work Out

Between work and family responsibilities our time is not our own. Finding an hour a day to run or take a class can be nearly impossible for most people. Knowing I only need 20 minutes twice a week makes it hard for me to find an excuse not to do my Exercise Coach workout. In fact my friends are so used to my routine, that when we’re making plans they are the ones to say, “Now, Monday and Thursday you’re not free, right?” They know without me saying it that my workouts are not negotiable.

The Difference Between big gyms and The Exercise Coach®

But let’s say you carve out some time and you sign up with a gym. You walk in all excited and face a sea of equipment. I don’t care if they gave you a tour, maybe even a PT session, it’s hard not to feel intimated. Add to that the gym rats who seem to know exactly what they’re doing and have little patience for a newbie like you having trouble just adjusting the seat on some machine. Is it any wonder we gravitate toward the treadmill?

When it comes to cardio, I think people have a comfort level around it that makes it the go-to for workouts. There’s a persistent belief that not only do you have to do it for an extended period, but it is somehow separate from strength training. Anyone who’s seen me after my EC workout can attest that I’m breathing hard and my heart is certainly pumping.  And I know it’s making a difference.

A Personal Goal Fulfilled

Last year I decided I wanted to run a 5K so I did one of those C25K programs where you alternate between walking and running, working your way up to running the whole distance. When it rained on one of my week 2 training days, I did it inside on a treadmill. You might remember that I’m the person who regularly did treadmill workouts in the past yet couldn’t get over 2.8 mph without pain. Lo and behold after 18 months at the EC I was doing the walking parts of the C25K at 4 mph and the running parts at about 7 mph. Seems to me that strength training had a pretty significant improvement on my cardio.

My Workout Experience

While it might not always be pretty to watch, I’ve never felt self-conscious when I’m at The Exercise Coach. Although I might have a bit of the control freak in me, I like having my personal expert do the set-up and explain what we’re doing. Even for exercises that I’ve done many times, it’s vital having someone who makes sure that I’m using good form, going at a good pace and giving consistent effort. (Let’s be honest-left to our own devices, performance has a tendency to slip.) A good Coach will eke out that last drop of effort.

I always knew I was supposed to change my routine and kick-up the intensity, but I was never clear about when or how much. Now my routines change often and the guesswork is removed. I’m not the one worrying about it; that’s my Coach’s job. He’s also been known to mess around with the timing on the machines too, so that during some workouts I get that as an extra surprise. It’s never boring.

To Anyone Considering Giving The Exercise Coach® a Try

In my mind, The Exercise Coach could work for anyone – men or women, young or mature, the hard bodies and the wannabes. I have a lot of enthusiasm for the program because I finally found something that works for me. While it is always challenging, it has never felt too hard, even at the very beginning.  When I’m done, my exhausted muscles feel like a badge of honor.

I’d love it if I could convince someone who’s hesitating to give it a try. I honestly can’t believe how much fun I have. I never thought I’d be one of those people who look forward to a workout, but I am. I never imagined I’d have this kind of success – I mean really, losing 107 pounds is just outrageous – but it’s true and it’s been far easier than anything I’ve tried. If you’re looking for something different, if you’re looking for something effective, if you just don’t want to spend countless hours working out, then The Exercise Coach is your place.

As for the worries about not getting bulky, I truly can’t relate. I have a weight loss binder that includes a picture of the biceps I someday hope to achieve. I’m looking forward to the day when every layer of fat is stripped away and I can see my muscles. I want everyone else to see them too.  I promise you I’ll be showing them off. Someday isn’t that far off.

Thanks, JoAnn!  We love to hear your story and how The Exercise Coach has helped you transform your body, meet personal goals, and improve your life.  Stay tuned for more of JoAnn’s story!

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