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Busy Women

As a busy woman do you find it hard to fit in exercise? You no longer need to be slowed down by sweaty workouts that take an hour or more.

In our fast-paced culture, the number one exercise obstacle sighted by women is a lack of time. Work and family obligations make it pretty impractical even to start a program that requires 1-2 hours of your day right? Fortunately, high-efficiency strength training, guided by a certified Exercise Coach®, can help you meet your body’s requirements for exercise with just a fraction of the time conventional exercise requires. Our approach is based on the science which proves quality matters much more than quantity. Our coaches use data and technology to optimize your effort and get you the results you want fast. All it takes is one or two, 20-minute workouts per week. You will see results within your first few sessions. Experience the difference a 20-minute workout can make for your health, fitness, and schedule.

Women Who Hate The Gym Scene

Typical gyms are loud, crowded, and dominated by fitness fanatics. We have built a private, studio training solution for you.

Many women find the thought of the gym utterly unappealing. We hear over and over from women that they appreciate being able to directly access friendly, knowledgeable coaches without having to step into a big gym. Our clients love that our studios are close to home, comfortable, and always clean. We hear all the time that people appreciate being able to get the workout of their life without the sounds and smells of the gym.

Women Who Want To Age Well

Nothing matters more to you and your family than your personal strength and health.

Let us help you focus your efforts on safe and efficient exercise that will change the course and quality of the prime of your life. The number one marker of healthy aging is strength. That means you call have all of the compelling benefits of exercise and meet your body’s fitness requirement without any joint-pounding practices like jogging. We have been helping women build their muscle, metabolisms, bones, and confidence for 20 years and we are better than ever at it. Our technology-enabled coaches make sure that you get the best possible workout for your body every time you visit us.

Women With Physical Limitations

Need to exercise but have some limitations? Our scientific solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of conditions. You can do this!

Many women know they need effective exercise but feel limited by some physical concern. Traditional workouts are not only time-consuming, but they also carry inherent risks that are just unnecessary. Women with joint or muscle concerns don’t need to be lifting heavy barbells or pounding their back and knees on a treadmill. Customized, ability-based strength training, guided by a coach is a safe and comfortable way to get better results, in less time, without the pain of regular exercise. We have helped thousands of women get the results that matter most to them despite various conditions. Our workouts are designed to transform the health and fitness of women with Osteoporosis, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, hip/knee replacements, and more. Our technology-enabled coaches use proven data-guided protocols to facilitate great workouts that wouldn’t be possible with traditional tools for many women. Come and try it out free. We love bringing hope to people who feel disqualified from enjoying strength and health.

See What They Have to Say

Susan M., M.D.

As a family physician, I believe strongly in practicing what I preach about healthy lifestyles, but I struggled to balance fitness among the demands of 3 kids, a business to run & a consuming 60 hour work week. Finding an efficient program with proven results in The Exercise Coach made all the difference for me and for many of my patients of all ages. Exercise not only builds strength and fitness, it improves mood as well as any antidepressant, improves sleep, focus and cognitive function, and prevents most of the chronic diseases that destroy quality of life or rob productive years for too many. I’ve seen all the fads come and go, but The Exercise Coach has made me a believer.

Kara N., M.D. – Internal Medicine

I started The Exercise Coach program four months ago and have loved the results. As a long time runner, I’ve never found another form of exercise to be as satisfying as what I do in only 20 minutes with The Exercise Coach. As a physician and scientist, the physiology of this type of exercise for the general population just makes sense. Activating the muscles in the way this super slow method does will speed the metabolism for those struggling with their weight, increase glucose metabolism in those with diabetes or at high risk for diabetes, and encourage bone remodeling and increased bone strength in those with osteoporosis or osteopenia. Since discovering The Exercise Coach team, I am trying to encourage all of my patients to “Enjoy Strength!

Amy S., M.D. – WomanCare

As a physician, and mother of 3, finding time for myself is difficult. The effectiveness and efficiency of The Exercise Coach is ideal for me. Combined with healthy nutrition, 20 minutes, twice per week works! My clothes fit better and I have improved metabolism, strength, and energy. I have referred my patients who experience similar results. I love The Exercise Coach!

Carolyn Z. – Arlington Heights

I first learned about the exercise coach from my gynecologist, who is also a client. Since I was diagnosed with Osteopenia (moderate bone density loss) she had encouraged me to try their OsteoHope program. After putting it off for a year and seeing my bone density numbers get worse, I decided to try it. However, I was also struggling with the pain of a bone spur in one shoulder. I had seen a surgeon who gave me several shots of cortisone over the course of 8 months, and sent me off to physical therapy with a chiropractor that I have used successfully for several other ailments, and I completely trust. The result was that I should have surgery to eliminate the bone spur. I did not have the time for that, thankfully. When I started my program at The Exercise Coach, I mentioned the shoulder issue to my personal trainer, Aleksa. She designed a program that not only increased my bone density, which was the original goal, but also strengthened my shoulder so that I no longer have any pain! Not only that, but I am stronger than ever, and feel I am in the best shape of my life. I have always been someone who joins a health club, only to fail to show up because I have no one to work out with. This has solved that problem, because I have a trainer who cares about my progress and really knows how to motivate me to complete each exercise to get the maximum potential out of it. She is also a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor, which makes the workouts enjoyable.

Luanne R. – Mount Prospect

I had my first bone density scan at age 50 and the results were both surprising and scary. I was experiencing significant losses in bone strength! I’m not a big fan of medications so when I heard that The Exercise Coach had helped many people like me, I decided to give them a try. The results have been truly amazing! Sixteen months after my first DEXA scan I went in for a follow up. Not only did my bone loss stop, it actually increased significantly!

Sandy L. – Mount Prospect

When I first started out with The Exercise Coach I had very little muscle strength. I was of no help when it came to carrying even slightly heavy loads. I wanted to go to a place where I could work out with the help of someone with knowledge of my health issues (RA, osteoporosis, MS). I have confidence that they will not allow me to hurt myself in any way. I can tell I am getting stronger and my husband notices too! The first time I went to Mt. Rushmore, before The Exercise Coach, I needed help just getting around. Last year, I went back and I had no problem at all getting around!

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