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  • “As a Physician and Human Performance Researcher, I am amazed at the effectiveness of The Exercise Coach program. It is the pinnacle application of Exercise Science and ideal for anyone interested in getting the most out of the 2nd half of live.

    Thomas Allen, D.O., MPH
  • “I am impressed with how smart The Exercise Coach approach is. Their thoughtful methodology and one-of-a-kind technology is unlike anything I have ever experienced. They have created an innovative solution for people who want strength and health made simple.”

    Michael Eades, M.D., Best-selling Author, Protein Power
  • Knowledgeable and motivating coaches, scientifically calibrated and versatile machines and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

    Tom S., Palatine, IL
  • The trainers are great! The gym is clean and the equipment is top notch!

    Nick B., Brentwood, TN
  • I feel like I have had a good workout in just 20 minutes!

    Rick P., Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Personalization and accountability are big pluses, but I continue to come because I am extremely busy and just don’t have the time to do the whole “gym thing.” The Exercise Coach is just what the doctor ordered!

    Terry S., Colorado Springs, CO
  • The best part is the machines have graphs and the guess work is ruled out with results in front of you after each Exercise. I am in rehab for cervical C7 herniated disc and have lower back pain for last 30 years but this is working great for me. its the best place.

    Stan M, Bannockburn, IL
  • Great people and nice facility. I have had multiple knee surgeries and for the first time in years my knee doesn’t hurt. I’ve finally been able to find a workout routine that is low impact and builds the muscles up around the knee without causing me any knee pain! Actually makes my knee feel great again. –

    Steve M., Eden Prairie, MN
  • “The staff is great and I really feel that it is making stronger as I go through my sixties.”

    Jerry B., Arlington Heights, IL