The Exercise Coach

Susan M., M.D.

As a family physician, I believe strongly in practicing what I preach about healthy lifestyles, but I struggled to balance fitness among the demands of 3 kids, a business to run & a consuming 60 hour work week. Finding an efficient program with proven results in The Exercise Coach made all the difference for me … Read more

Kara N., M.D. – Internal Medicine

I started The Exercise Coach program four months ago and have loved the results. As a long time runner, I’ve never found another form of exercise to be as satisfying as what I do in only 20 minutes with The Exercise Coach. As a physician and scientist, the physiology of this type of exercise for … Read more

Amy S., M.D. – WomanCare

As a physician, and mother of 3, finding time for myself is difficult. The effectiveness and efficiency of The Exercise Coach is ideal for me. Combined with healthy nutrition, 20 minutes, twice per week works! My clothes fit better and I have improved metabolism, strength, and energy. I have referred my patients who experience similar … Read more

Carolyn Z. – Arlington Heights

I first learned about the exercise coach from my gynecologist, who is also a client. Since I was diagnosed with Osteopenia (moderate bone density loss) she had encouraged me to try their OsteoHope program. After putting it off for a year and seeing my bone density numbers get worse, I decided to try it. However, … Read more

Luanne R. – Mount Prospect

I had my first bone density scan at age 50 and the results were both surprising and scary. I was experiencing significant losses in bone strength! I’m not a big fan of medications so when I heard that The Exercise Coach had helped many people like me, I decided to give them a try. The … Read more

Sandy L. – Mount Prospect

When I first started out with The Exercise Coach I had very little muscle strength. I was of no help when it came to carrying even slightly heavy loads. I wanted to go to a place where I could work out with the help of someone with knowledge of my health issues (RA, osteoporosis, MS). … Read more

Pam S. – Hawthorn Woods

My experience with The Exercise Coach has been nothing but positive! Ten years ago at age 44, I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. My doctor recommended weight bearing exercise to promote my bone density. I have increased my bone density, feel stronger doing my daily activities and know this program works. After undergoing multiple surgeries … Read more

Ann W. – Arlington Heights

I previously worked with a trainer at a hospital based fitness center and actually saw a decline in my bone density. After 6 months at The Exercise Coach, my next bone scan indicated over a 7% increase in my spinal bone density. This density change is due specifically to The Exercise Coach, as there were … Read more