The Exercise Coach

Carolyn Z. – Arlington Heights

I first learned about the exercise coach from my gynecologist, who is also a client. Since I was diagnosed with Osteopenia (moderate bone density loss) she had encouraged me to try their OsteoHope program. After putting it off for a year and seeing my bone density numbers get worse, I decided to try it. However, … Read more

Luanne R. – Mount Prospect

I had my first bone density scan at age 50 and the results were both surprising and scary. I was experiencing significant losses in bone strength! I’m not a big fan of medications so when I heard that The Exercise Coach had helped many people like me, I decided to give them a try. The … Read more

Sandy L. – Mount Prospect

When I first started out with The Exercise Coach I had very little muscle strength. I was of no help when it came to carrying even slightly heavy loads. I wanted to go to a place where I could work out with the help of someone with knowledge of my health issues (RA, osteoporosis, MS). … Read more

Pam S. – Hawthorn Woods

My experience with The Exercise Coach has been nothing but positive! Ten years ago at age 44, I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. My doctor recommended weight bearing exercise to promote my bone density. I have increased my bone density, feel stronger doing my daily activities and know this program works. After undergoing multiple surgeries … Read more

Ann W. – Arlington Heights

I previously worked with a trainer at a hospital based fitness center and actually saw a decline in my bone density. After 6 months at The Exercise Coach, my next bone scan indicated over a 7% increase in my spinal bone density. This density change is due specifically to The Exercise Coach, as there were … Read more

Bonnie S. – Mount Prospect

After one year of consistent adherence to The Exercise Coach Program, I have not only halted my bone loss but reversed it. From my 2007 DEXA analysis I learned that the bone density in my spine went up 3% and my hip increased by 4% as well!