We’ve found that conventional fitness wisdom is often misleading. Here are the some of the most common reasons our clients give as barriers to their fitness success.   

  1. Busy people can’t take on the time commitment that traditional fitness voices demand.
  2. They just don’t enjoy the crowded gym scene dominated by fitness fanatics.
  3. People with physical limitations often avoid working out altogether because they are wary of working out and tend to find that they are either overworked or underworked by trainers.
  4. Traditional workouts and fitness activities are just flat out not enjoyable to most people.

The leaders of The Exercise Coach have been on the cutting edge of exercise innovation for 20 years. Over this time our core belief in muscular conditioning has been confirmed over and over again.

Starting as early as age 30, the average person loses about a half-pound of muscle tissue each year.  This muscle loss accelerates dramatically as one nears the age of 65.  Many people don’t ever identify this age-related loss of strength or recognize it impacts their health, fitness, metabolism, and longevity.  Knowing this, we have spent the last 20 years developing and refining the most sophisticated approach to personal strength training on the planet. It’s not about getting bigger muscles; it’s about better, firmer, stronger and healthier muscles that lead to better overall health quality of life.

Personally, optimized strength training is the safest, most efficient path to realizing and retaining whatever results matter most to you. Our unique and effective program is powered by Exerbotics®, the premier strength training technology in existence.  Over the years, our coaches have cultivated deep learning, and a wealth of data through the application of millions of Exerbotics® powered exercise sets for clients like you. We use our innovative solutions to meet your needs.