Many women know they need effective exercise but feel limited by some physical concern.  Traditional workouts are not only time-consuming, but they also carry inherent risks that are just unnecessary.  Women with joint or muscle concerns don’t need to be lifting heavy barbells or pounding their back and knees on a treadmill.  Customized, ability-based strength training, guided by a coach is a safe and comfortable way to get better results, in less time, without the pain of regular exercise.  We have helped thousands of women get the results that matter most to them despite various conditions.  Our workouts are designed to transform the health and fitness of women with Osteoporosis, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, diabetes, hip/knee replacements, and more.  Our technology-enabled coaches use proven data-guided protocols to facilitate great workouts that wouldn’t be possible with traditional tools for many women. Come and try it out free.  We love bringing hope to people who feel disqualified from enjoying strength and health.

  • It has been easy to maintain the 20 minute commitment twice a week. Recently, the trainers have had to tweak my routine to accommodate a back issue. They are well aware of some of my limitations and make sure I protect my back while I work out.

    Janet E., Webster Groves, MO
  • Living in a split level home and having sore, painful knees was not a good combination. I started my workouts about 9 months ago, with a program tailored to me so as not to put further stress on my knees. Losing some weight and strengthening my leg muscles has made it possible for me to walk up and down stairs again with no knee pain. I’m easily handling my 5 mile weekend walks and am again looking forward to long hikes in our national parks. Thank you Exercise Coach.

    Roseemary M., Palatine, IL