Most men over the age of 50 have some chronic health condition or orthopedic limitation.  Conventional exercise is incapable of accommodating many of these challenges.  It’s just not precise enough.  We have created unique protocols using state of the art technology that makes total-body muscular and cardiovascular conditioning possible for men who have bad knees, backs, and shoulders, as well as those with metabolic conditions like high-blood pressure and diabetes.  Our breakthrough approach focuses every bit of our clients’ effort right where it should be – on their muscles not on their joints.  We even have specialized technology and workouts that are science-based and proven to address things like lower back weakness, hamstring tightness, and shoulder immobility.  Men that have been on the fitness sidelines for fear of adding insult to injury can now experience maximum gain without unnecessary pain.  And, it still only takes 20-minutes per workout for full results.

  • The best part is the machines have graphs and the guess work is ruled out with results in front of you after each Exercise. I am in rehab for cervical C7 herniated disc and have lower back pain for last 30 years but this is working great for me. its the best place.

    Stan M, Bannockburn, IL
  • Great people and nice facility. I have had multiple knee surgeries and for the first time in years my knee doesn’t hurt. I’ve finally been able to find a workout routine that is low impact and builds the muscles up around the knee without causing me any knee pain! Actually makes my knee feel great again. –

    Steve M., Eden Prairie, MN