We all know that once we hit 40 things start to change.  Men begin losing the muscle and energy they have if they don’t do something about it.  Research shows that proper strength training is like a fountain of youth for men.  However, the gym isn’t exactly the most welcoming place to visit for men who are trying to turn back the clock.  That’s why we created a private, professional studio fitness experience.  Your time at an Exercise Coach® studio is focused 100% on your results.  Our clients get in, get an excellent workout, and get out in 20-minutes.  There is no wasted time, no annoying crowd, and no fighting for the next machine you need.  Each workout is guided by an expert coach using the most sophisticated, personalized strength technology in existence – Exerbotics®.

  • Knowledgeable and motivating coaches, scientifically calibrated and versatile machines and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

    Tom S., Palatine, IL
  • The trainers are great! The gym is clean and the equipment is top notch!

    Nick B., Brentwood, TN