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West University Gym

Opened in 2014, the West University location was Houston’s first Exercise Coach Gym and among one of the first branches in America outside of the Chicago area. The West University Exercise Coach gym has consistently been one of the most successful gyms in the nation, winning national awards for both revenue and client retention.

This gym is in the iconic West University neighborhood. Among other awards, West University was named America’s Best City to Live in 2019, according to 24/7 Wall Street. Famous for its intense Little League baseball scene, the neighborhood consistently ranks high for quality of life and low for crime rate. The West University Exercise Coach gym offers personal training nestled amongst businesses, restaurants, museums and popular entertainment venues.

While the gym boasts the highest member number in Houston at 200+ members, it still has a local feel to it, and you’ll be greeted with a smile and by name every time you walk in the door. West University Exercise Coach is a gym that stays active in the community, with participation in many running clubs and other community-led events.

Pivotal to the West University Exercise Coach gym’s success, manager Christopher Adams has been leading the gym since 2021. Chris has the ability to connect with each member and support their goals with her deep passion and knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition.

Behind the scenes of this branch and every Houston location is owner Brad Bundy, along with Director of Operations, Monica Kemp and her team. As the Houston executive team, their main priority has always been helping people improve their lives, from staff members and personal trainers to every gym member in the region.

This mission is evident in the results their members have earned, along with the wide variety of people they’ve been able to help. At the West University Exercise Coach gym, members who receive personal coaching range all the way from the age of 16 to 97 years old.

No matter what your fitness goal is, the team at the West University Exercise Coach gym will help you reach it as they have with thousands of members before. If you’re in the Houston area and looking for personal training, set up your free tour today.

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