Roughly 85% of people prefer to avoid gyms because they are crowded, dirty, and mainly dominated by fitness fanatics.

At Exercise Coach, we work against the idea that gyms have to be an intimidating social scene. In fact, we have found that the ideal atmosphere for the application of cutting-edge, custom-coached exercise is private, comfortable, and always clean.

The ideal exercise atmosphere also requires focused and professional coaches.  At The Exercise Coach, our workouts are always guided by a caring, knowledgeable coach whose intent is to make every session as productive as possible.  There is no guesswork as our coaches are trained to provide the right mix of friendly interaction and expert instruction.

In addition to the intentional design of an uplifting environment, each Exercise Coach® studio is outfitted with the most sophisticated strength-fitness technology in existence – Exerbotics®.  

We are willing to argue, any day of the week, that no brand has successfully poured more value into such an elegant package.  We have heard from thousands of clients all over the country that they love “getting a great workout in 20-minutes, in a clean studio, close to home, guided by a friendly coach and customized by awesome computerized equipment.”