The Exercise Coach® uses Exerbotics® because Strength changes everything™.

We understand the challenges people face when it comes to starting and sticking with exercise, which is why we create individually optimized workouts.

At The Exercise Coach, we often say that “Strength Changes Everything™”, meaning that smart and successful personal strength training is the key to fitness.

Better Results –The Physical difference strength makes.

The results that people hope to get from exercise are only achieved to the extent that the body mobilizes adaptive metabolic resources. Training itself only serves as a stimulus that triggers these results if it is just the right type of exercise, which is why people are often perplexed when they do not see results.  Effort that is low-intensity in nature will not bring about inspiring results, and effort that is too uncomfortable is discouraging at best. We work to find the perfect balance in your individually optimized workouts. Smart strength training is the best way to maximize your time and total-body effort.

Exercise Coach® guided workouts utilize a unique Exerbotics® testing process to analyze the baseline muscle condition of every customer.  Then, the Exerbotics Intelligence Platform generates ideal personal strength recommendations for the coach and client to follow.  These intelligent recommendations, plus real-time feedback, instantly enable the application of effective effort.  This means that our customers start getting stronger and healthier as a result of their first couple minutes of exercise!  Most of our visitors are amazed on day one just how effective yet enjoyable the experience is.  Over the course of an individual’s experience at The Exercise Coach, we make adjustments based on individual data to make sure we stimulate on-going progress and achieve maximal results.

Our clients enjoy results that include maximized strength and stamina, improved metabolism and weight loss, more energy, improved blood pressure, improved lipid profiles, stronger bones, and an overall sense of vitality and wellness.  There is no doubt that the number one reason we have grown nationwide and have thousands of satisfied customers is the results they see.  For many of our customers, this is the first time they have experienced the powerful results exercise can produce due to safe, effective, and enjoyable strength training properly applied.

  • I Love the Exercise Coach concept: Less is truly more.  I can’t understand why everyone is still working out the old way! Less time, better results, and the coaching required to keep making progress. It’s safe, effective, and is easy to work into anyone’s schedule.

    Janet H, Park Ridge, IL
  • I like the results that I see. No other exercise program has given me the results in as short an amount of time as the Exercise Coach. And I like that I can do a full work out in 20 minutes only twice a week!

    Pamela O, South Lyon, MI

Less Time – The practical difference strength makes

The number one reason people claim for not sticking with exercise is the time it takes. In actuality, our experience has shown that just one 90 second set of strength training is enough to deliver all the stimulus a certain muscle group needs.  This means that we can effectively deliver a workout that touches all of the major muscle groups and has a whole-body health effect in just 20 minutes!  

Furthermore, the body has to recover and respond to this type of work for the results to materialize.  This process requires a minimum of 48-96 hours between workouts so it can run its course.  This means that you can achieve the results that matter most to you with just one or two 20-minute workouts per week!  Suddenly, time is no longer a barrier to exercise.

  • I like that I can do a 20 minute workout and know it’s a good one. And I like the machines. But most of all, I like the trainers. They are good people and really try and help everyone.

    Linda K., Crown Point, IN
  • I love the personal attention plus the results of a 20-minute workout twice a week!!

    Jeanne R., Carmel, IN

More Motivation – The psychological difference strength makes

Let’s be honest.  It’s really hard to stick with behaviors that don’t seem worthwhile, waste our time, or just aren’t fun.  In contrast, we love getting to hear, time and time again, “The Exercise Coach is the first workout I have ever been able to stick with!”  It makes sense though, doesn’t it?  If you could achieve awesome results, in a fraction of the time you thought possible, with just the right intensity of effort for your comfort and progress, wouldn’t you stick with the program?  Our customers thoroughly enjoy the encouragement of their coaches and the visual feedback from Exerbotics in addition to the physical and practical benefits of their workouts.

  • The Exercise Coach is a great program because it doesn’t take a lot of time, it is customized, and you get instant feedback on your progress.

    Melissa S, Houston
  • I love the analytics and instant feedback the software gives you, and it makes it easy to track your progress.

    A.L., Carmel, IN