The Exercise Coach

Tamra B., Upper Arlington, OH

I joined The Exercise Coach just after the new year with the goal of losing weight and increasing my strength. After years of yo-yo dieting, I made the decision to lose 30 lbs. by my 65th birthday in August. The personal training is an investment and well worth the money! All of the trainers are very encouraging, personable and make the 20-minute workout fun. One month into my training, the 30-Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge began, and I was determined to follow the plan. When asked what my goal was during the challenge, I set out to lose 5-7 lbs. I am really excited to say that not only did I lose 10.5 lbs., I’m down 15 lbs. since my first workout! I am enjoying trying out the recipes on The Exercise Coach’s Facebook and Pinterest pages. Planning and prepping are so important, and cooking has become enjoyable. This is a plan I can maintain and love as I transition into my retirement years. THANK YOU!