The Exercise Coach

John B. – Lake Zurich

Wow! These folks are really good. The Exercise Coach is helping me to achieve goals I’ve had for what feels like a lifetime. It’s an awesome feeling! The program includes strength enhancement, weight loss, and ongoing nutritional guidance. They have supplied all of the incentives and tools necessary for me to accomplish lifelong goals. Health goals I had pretty much given up on . . . for that I am extremely thankful. I’m a retired guy – age 66 – and golf has become a passion for me over the last few years. Early on I could be described as a short ball hitter. As a result of The Exercise Coach’s program and hard work, I have become a much longer hitter (adding 15-20 yards a club), and a much better golfer. From tee box to green, I can play with almost anyone. It is a great feeling for an old guy. As with any exercise program, it falls on me, the individual, to live up to the program expectations. Is it difficult at times? You bet it is. With The Exercise Coach’s focus on maximum effort, a lifestyle change, and strength development, I am a healthier, stronger, and more active person today than the day I first walked through the door. Thank you, Exercise Coach! And a special thank you to Bruno and Katie!