Your Challenge: Your metabolism is shot and you just don’t have the time or inclination to exercise all day long to make up for it. You may feel like you have already tried everything possible and it just doesn’t work.

Our Game Plan: Believe it or not, weight loss success has very little to do with the amount of time you spend exercising. We like to say that we help people burn more calories “as a result” of our workouts than they ever would “during” a conventional workout.

We help people maximize fat-loss by introducing them to something called “anaerobic” exercise. This involves strength and interval training designed to maximize your body’s ability to metabolize carbs and burn calories for up to 96 hours after each workout. And, it works! We have helped our client lose anywhere from 10 to 200 pounds with just two, 20-minute strength/interval sessions per week.

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Your Challenge: Does this sound familiar? You walk religiously, but your bone density continues to be on the decline. Increasing calcium intake doesn’t seem to be helping and you really don’t want to begin taking a medication. You are afraid if you don’t find a solution you will end up like your mom who battled a hip fracture.

Our Game Plan: You are not alone. We have met hundreds of women just like you. Don’t worry there is hope for you. We like to call it OsteoHope. That’s our branded game plan designed to help women prevent osteoporotic fractures through increased strength, balance, and bone density.

Research shows that in order to strengthen bones we must load them adequately through muscular contractions. However, most women need help with applying safe and effective musculo-skeletal loads. Our program does exactly this and we have helped hundreds of women that conventional exercises were failing.

OsteoHope: What do our clients say?
OsteoHope: What do the experts say?


Your challenge: Due to a lack of blood-sugar control you are either borderline or classified and a type II diabetic and this is fueling low-grade systemic inflammation throughout your body especially your cardiovascular system. These pre-cursors to serious health problems need to be dealt with through diet and exercise but you need a training program that is both powerfully effective and practical enough to fit your lifestyle.

Our Game Plan: Through brief, anaerobic-emphasis exercise we can improve your body’s ability metabolize carbohydrates and burn fat during exercise and at rest. Our clients often experience results that raise their physician’s eyebrows and put them on the fast track towards a healthier future.


Your Challenge: You have tried every sort of therapy, medication and technique known to man. Yet your back pain persists. You wonder if surgery is the only option left, yet you have been told there is no guarantee that it will be successful in relieving your pain.

Our Game Plan: We realize that 80% of low back pain is recurring and that means that if you have found relief, chances are your relief is temporary. Research shows that most spinal conditions that can be treated conservatively have one thing in common, and that is atrophy of the muscles that support your spinal column. Our approach allows you to safely and effectively strengthen your intrinsic spinal musculature through an individualized, pain-free, range of motion in all planes of movement. Chances are that your spinal muscles have never been effectively loaded and therefore are not able to do their job which is resulting in excess force being transferred to your discs and ligaments. We are confident we can provide a more targeted and effective “core” workout than the standard personal training can provide. As you increase the ability of your spinal musculature to produce force your spinal health will be greatly improved. Research shows that as you improve the strength and function of your spinal muscles there is a high likelihood that your pain will be diminished or eliminated.


Your Challenge: You just spent months recovering from joint replacement surgery. You have completed your final round of physical therapy and were encouraged to continue with a fitness program to maintain your results.

However, you are apprehensive about what types of exercise you should participate in, and you are uncertain that a traditional personal trainer will understand your unique joint considerations and offer you safe advice.

Our Game Plan: Muscular strength and endurance, and joint flexibility are key ingredients to maximizing the function of your new joint. Together these ingredients are crucial not only for improved joint function , but more importantly for your quality of life. Through our customized technology it is possible to maximize your strength , endurance, and flexibility while protecting your new joint through client-driven musculoskeletal loading.


Your Challenge: You have chronic pain in your joints. You have probably been told you have osteoarthritis and you realize that exercise is highly recommended to ameliorate this pain and prevent surgery. The exercise protocols you have tried only leave you waking up with more pain and stiffness. The reality is though that “use it or lose it” rings in your ear and you feel defeated by this catch 22.

Our Game Plan: Our approach to exercise focuses on effective muscular loading. What this means is that your joints are protected from high repetitions that result in over use syndromes. Our approach also provides direct musculoskeletal loading that is virtually momentum free. Momentum is responsible for transferring unnecessary, high loads of force to your joints that essentially damages vital joint structures with every repetition. By taking out the momentum we are able to provide you with a safe exercise load that will stimulate positive musculoskeletal change without the damaging effects of conventional exercise.


Your Challenge: You are need of a fitness upgrade but the last thing you want is more soreness. Fibromyalgia and the underlying energy crisis that cause your pain must be treated with care to avoid flare-ups.

Our Game Plan: Based on the science of muscles and the bio-energetic systems that fuel them, we create programs that accommodate clients with fibromyalgia. Each client is taken through our customized acclimation process to progress according to their individual response to truly productive exercise. You really can find the balance between exercise that works for you and exercise that just works you over.

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