EPISODE 8: What about Cardio? – Part 3: Training For Sports Performance vs Training For Cardiovascular Health

EPISODE 7: What about Cardio? Part 2: Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss, and How to Stay Strong and Lean into Old Age

EPISODE 6: What about Cardio? Part 1: Is It Possible To Improve Your Heart Health Without Doing Traditional Cardio Exercise?

EPISODE 5: The World’s Smartest 20-Minute Workout

EPISODE 4: The Most Important Phrase in The Exercise Coach Paradigm

EPISODE 3: The Biggest Reasons People Can’t Stick To The Traditional Exercise Program

EPISODE 2: The Optimal Exercise Program For Maximal Results in Minimal Time

It seems that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere in the near future.  Here are three areas of focus for you to act to promote immune system strength and protect your health. Prevention is always the best medicine Our immune system is our best line of defense against viral and bacterial infections.  In order to ensure that …