EPISODE 2: Bryan and Amy break down some of the most common misconceptions around exercise and reveal how Exercise Coach clients are getting maximal results from only a couple 20-minute workouts each week. Learn the three most important aspects of exercise and why you need to think about exercise completely differently if you want to achieve the health and fitness results you want.

It seems that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere in the near future.  Here are three areas of focus for you to act to promote immune system strength and protect your health. Prevention is always the best medicine Our immune system is our best line of defense against viral and bacterial infections.  In order to ensure that …

EPISODE 1: Brian Cygan and Amy Hudson reveal the origin story of the Exercise Coach and the one book that completely changed the trajectory of Brian’s life by transforming his understanding of what strength training can do in your life and how quickly you can see results. Find out how the Exercise Coach is changing lives 20 minutes at a time.

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