Joint-friendly, time-efficient exercise for weight loss

Another common motivation for exercise is weight loss.  It’s almost universally assumed that weight loss success requires a combination of exercise and eating right.  However, contrary to what is popularly promoted, healthy weight loss has very little to do with the number of calories one burns during workouts and more to do with the efficiency of the workout. Not just any workout is effective for losing weight.  In fact, in many cases, the body turns on itself and sheds muscle rather fat.  Strength training combats this problem.  Research and our years of experience have proven that not only does a combination of strength training and healthy eating work for weight loss but that it’s a life-changing strategy.  When we use strength training for its metabolic health benefits and muscle building benefits, any weight loss goal can be reached without the sweaty, joint-pounding, time-consuming, conventional cardio that so few people find appealing.

Every Exercise Coach is specially trained to guide clients to reach their weight loss goal with just one or two 20-minute workouts per week.  These sessions include innovative strength training and what we call “concentrated cardio” for maximum benefits.  Using Exerbotics technology, our coaches customize workouts so you can burn fat, get leaner, and feel better without beating yourself up with regular, sweaty cardio.

In addition to smart exercise protocols for weight loss, our coaches use The Exercise Coach nutrition playbook to empower and educate our clients in whole-food nutrition.  We call the combination of smart, whole-effort exercise and healthy, whole-food nutrition “The Metabolic Comeback.”  In as little as 30 days of focused effort, The Metabolic Comeback can reset hormonal fitness and set the course for healthy and sustained weight loss success.