As a physician, and mother of 3, finding time for myself is difficult. The effectiveness and efficiency of The Exercise Coach is ideal for me. Combined with healthy nutrition, 20 minutes, twice per week works! My clothes fit better and I have improved metabolism, strength, and energy. I have referred my patients who experience similar results. I love The Exercise Coach!

-Amy S., M.D. – WomanCare*

As a family physician, I believe strongly in practicing what I preach about healthy lifestyles, but I struggled to balance fitness among the demands of 3 kids, a business to run & a consuming 60 hour work week. Finding an efficient program with proven results in The Exercise Coach made all the difference for me and for many of my patients of all ages. Exercise not only builds strength and fitness, it improves mood as well as any antidepressant, improves sleep, focus and cognitive function, and prevents most of the chronic diseases that destroy quality of life or rob productive years for too many. I’ve seen all the fads come and go, but The Exercise Coach has made me a believer.

-Susan M., M.D.*

I wholeheartedly recommend The Exercise Coach. Their approach is scientifically sound and produces superior results for my patients. My wife and I have loved being clients for more than 10 years now.

-Randal K., M.D. – WomanCare*

“As a Physician and Human Performance Researcher, I am amazed at the effectiveness of The Exercise Coach program. It is the pinnacle application of Exercise Science and ideal for anyone interested in getting the most out of the 2nd half of live.

-Thomas W. Allen, DO, MPH*

The strategies and technology used by The Exercise Coach are unparalleled in their effectiveness and relevance. I confidently recommend the program to all my patients.

-Waide M., D.C. – Hope Chiropractic*

“I am impressed with how smart The Exercise Coach approach is. Their thoughtful methodology and one-of-a-kind technology is unlike anything I have ever experienced. They have created an innovative solution for people who want strength and health made simple.”

-Michael Eades, M.D.* Best Selling Author, Protein Power

I started The Exercise Coach program four months ago and have loved the results. As a long time runner, I’ve never found another form of exercise to be as satisfying as what I do in only 20 minutes with The Exercise Coach. As a physician and scientist, the physiology of this type of exercise for the general population just makes sense. Activating the muscles in the way this super slow method does will speed the metabolism for those struggling with their weight, increase glucose metabolism in those with diabetes or at high risk for diabetes, and encourage bone remodeling and increased bone strength in those with osteoporosis or osteopenia. Since discovering The Exercise Coach team, I am trying to encourage all of my patients to “Enjoy Strength!

-Kara N., M.D. – Internal Medicine*

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