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Before starting with The Exercise Coach®, I had consistently done 45+ minutes of cardio 5 times a week for 45 years. Strength training was minimal since it made neck, shoulder, and back pain worse. My chiropractor recommended The Exercise Coach® and I was amazed at the results after only 4 weeks. At age 69, I am much stronger everywhere, have more endurance and am no longer having pain. The owners and trainers are very encouraging and personalize each session. The program is designed by the trainers and the equipment to keep you injury-free. I enthusiastically recommend The Exercise Coach®!

-Harriet P. – Bannockburn*

I am 41 years old and have moderately worked out on-and-off my whole life. I was introduced to The Exercise Coach in Bannockburn by a dear friend. I have been coming here for 6 weeks (12 / 20-minute workouts total) and I feel stronger than I have in a decade! This really works and I’m hooked. You are in and out before you know it, and when it’s only 20 minutes, twice a week, it’s very easy to stay consistent and committed! Woody, David and Joyce have become like family. Just love these guys!

-Stacy M. – Lake Forest*

I love the fast but challenging workouts at The Exercise Coach. I can always count on TEC to work around my hectic schedule and take no excuses for missing workouts! Over the last six months, I have reached several goals through the expertise and encouragement of the staff. Each time I reached a goal, they raised the bar higher! My strength has increased tremendously as a result of the program. For the first time in seven years, I was able to lift a 30 pound Christmas tree box up the attic stairs all by myself! No matter your fitness level, The Exercise Coach can help you achieve your fitness goals. I’m a believer.

–Lisa W. – Scottsdale*

I am a senior with multiple medical problems which include a reduced lung capacity and a neck fusion which has left me unable to lift my head to a neutral position. Traditional physical therapy and most of my physicians have given up on my ever being “normal” in those two areas. The Exercise Coach saw my problems as a challenge, not as hopeless, so I started their fitness program. It is now 6 weeks later and I have seen a marked improvement, not just with my neck and lungs, but with my entire body. My muscle strength and flexibility are better than they have been in years. I’m not nearly as short of breath as I was 6 weeks ago and can even manage a moderate walk, which was impossible before. Best of all, my head is up higher than any time since my surgery. I have more work to do but I call my improvement so far nothing short of a miracle for me. I have also enjoyed and appreciated the encouragement and friendship of the staff, which makes a huge difference when you are struggling to make it through an exercise. They truly care. I have great hope, now, for my future instead of the hopeless feelings I had before beginning with The Exercise Coach. I have gone from hating any form of exercise to eagerly looking forward to every session. Amazing! Joining The Exercise Coach is the best thing any senior can do for themselves to help have a better life.

–Patti C. – Scottsdale*

I have severe arthritis in my knees and work a 12-hour shift with lots of standing and walking on concrete. By the time I came home from work my knees would be in such tremendous pain that I had to hobble from my car into my house. I would then take two Aleve in the evening and two more in the morning in order to go back to work the next day. After the first week of doing the two 20-minute workouts at The Exercise Coach, I noticed that my knees didn’t hurt walking around the house or working in my garden. After the 2nd week of workouts I wasn’t taking the Aleve when I came home from work or before I left for work in the morning, and had no bone on bone pain. Not only that, I now have more energy to mow the lawn when I come home from work, and bingo, I can do it without the chronic pain in my knees. If anyone had told me that I would be pain free in two weeks from doing exercise, and only doing it twice per week for 20 minutes, I would have thought that they were leading me down the garden path. I am so impressed with the philosophy, program, and the results that I have received in such a short time that I have told other members of my family about it. (A side benefit besides the lack of pain and increased energy is that I’m actually losing pounds of fat on this program.) If you are in pain from arthritis and want relief, try The Exercise Coach for a month. You’ll enjoy losing the feeling of pain as much as I have.

–Brendan F. – Round Lake*

Just recently my husband, Jim, and I were talking about how blessed we are by having the Exercise Coach in our life. I know that sounds so dramatic, but literally, our bodies have changed so much for the better since we first started. We have a great deal more energy, we are much stronger, and we feel great knowing that we are truly taking better care of the body God entrusted to us. I have tried, but have never been able to replicate the Exercise Coach method on my own. The necessary accountability and valuable guided instruction will keep me coming back again and again.

–Kristine C. – Lake Zurich*

When I first started at The Exercise Coach I really thought it was too good to be true. How could I benefit from two 20 minute workouts a week? After six months I had my answer. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I was firmer, I lost inches, and my chronic back and neck pain disappeared. Being in my 50’s, I thank God every time I hear someone talking about their aches and pains because I literally do not have any to mention. And, I have tons of energy. It’s hard to explain, but I just feel like I carry myself better. My mom has osteoporosis too so that has been a concern, but I have been tested and my bones are very dense thanks to strength training. We lose muscle so quickly as we age and I’ve learned that strength training is the only way to eliminate that problem. I love my active lifestyle and want to maintain it so I am an Exercise Coach lifer!

–Pam B. – Lake Zurich*

I wanted to work out with the help of someone knowledgeable of my health issues (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, MS). I have confidence that The Exercise Coach program is safe and don’t fear getting hurt. I can tell I am getting stronger and my husband notices too! The first time I went to Mt. Rushmore, before The Exercise Coach, I needed help just getting around. Last year, I went back and I had no problem at all!

–Sandy L. – Mt. Prospect*

The Exercise Coach® program has enabled me to strengthen my core in a quick period of time. I truly enjoy the mix between the strength training and cardiovascular components of the workouts. In addition, the coaches have inspired me to lead a healthier lifestyle by modifying my diet which has resulted in me losing several pounds and having more energy. The flexibility of the program coincides with my busy work schedule. The staff at the Bannockburn location is very knowledgeable and truly cares about the needs of the clients. The facility is always clean and they are continuously updating their equipment. I highly recommend the program.

-Brett F. – Bannockburn*

As a young professional in my early 40’s, time for exercise is becoming more and more challenging. I am thrilled to have found The Exercise Coach because I get all the results I need in less than an hour per week. The program and staff are amazing and I could not be more satisfied.

-Craig C. – Scottsdale*

I have tried and quit more exercise programs than I can remember. I get bored or fail to see results and just give up, or they require so many hours of my time that I just can’t manage. The Exercise Coach is different. Two 20 minute workouts a week, four free sessions to try before I buy…I thought, “how can that possibly work?”. So I went to find out. I’m still going over a year later. As for results, I can see them every time I workout. I get instant feedback from the machines and my coaches. I know my posture is correct and that what I am doing is safe. They worked with me to customize my workout so that I could get results and not hurt my bad shoulder. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy my workout, and I see the results in so many ways. Smaller sized clothing, faster heart rate recovery, more stamina, more energy. And the staff is always helpful and encouraging. No high pressure sales tactics, no long-term contracts. If you are like me and have failed more often than not you owe it to yourself to give this a try.

-Jeri P. – Libertyville*

I started with The Exercise Coach on February 15, 2012. In 2011, I had two knee replacements. Prior to my first visit, my cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and A1C levels were all elevated. Already on medication to manage my blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes, I was facing additional medication to manage my cholesterol. On April 30th, I reluctantly began the nutrition portion of The Metabolic Comeback. The 30 day kickoff was one of the hardest things I’ve ever sustained! On day 30, I arrived at The Exercise Coach for my normal training session and was thrilled to report the following blood results from my doctor – all within normal ranges: Cholesterol reduced 48 points HDL and LDL normal Trilglycerides reduced 57 points A1C Blood Glucose reduced .7 points and my doctor removed one of my diabetic medications Besides this good news, I had also lost 18 lbs. and more than 5 inches. Now, I have to sustain the momentum under the vigilant guidance of my incredible personal exercise coach!

-Jane E. – Schaumburg*

I decided to try the Metabolic Comeback diet because I felt that I had tried everything else and failed. I was addicted to carbs and sugar. Once I eliminated these from my diet the dependency was broken. I no longer feel hungry within an hour of eating nor do I feel lethargic after meals. Also I was able to see which food groups were the cause of my breakouts. The weight loss was a natural result and I can hardly believe I’ve lost 10lbs. I feel satisfied and energetic with the new foods I am eating. I especially enjoy the freedom I feel by being in control of what I eat rather than feeling controlled by my cravings. I highly recommended this diet to anyone who wants a breakthrough in their health and quality of life!

-Cassie B. – Volo*

An aching back and a bum knee – good reasons to act on a postcard offer for a new exercise strategy. Just 20 minutes twice a week at The Exercise Coach will get you in shape. So…we tried out the concept and six months later my husband and I have gained muscle and balance and I’ve lost 17 pounds! The program easily fits into our schedule. Most important, the personal coaching and interest in our unique needs makes it a regular part of our weekly calendar. Exercise routines change often to alleviate boredom of the mind and muscles, and it is all personalized to fit our objectives. The Exercise Coach has absolutely changed the way we look at “going to the gym” and we love it!

-JP K. – Scottsdale*

My Name is Casey. I am 18 years old. When I was six months old I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I was told I would probably never walk or lead a normal life. When I was little, I would have to use walking aids to be able to stay on my feet. I was in constant pain everyday. Every morning I would get out of bed, and lean over my desk like an old man. I had a bar in my shower to grip onto and lean. Since starting THE EXERCISE COACH in August 2012, my walking has greatly improved. I no longer need to walk with a cane or need to use the bar in my shower to hold onto. This program has changed my life. Being at the disadvantage that I am, I could never play contact sports for a long period of time. Now, I am able to play longer games with my friends and family. I no longer feel insecure about walking in public. There are noticeable differences with every session. I do not know where I would be physically right now if it were not for THE EXERCISE COACH.

-Casey – Libertyville*

I didn’t believe that a 20 minute session, only twice a week, could make much difference to my overall health. Now, my bad cholesterol is down and my good cholesterol is up higher than it has ever been. I feel better than I have in years! I am sleeping better, I have more energy, and for once in my life, my doctor is happy with my blood test results!

-Diane F. – Park Ridge*

I had a mastectomy in 1997. Even though I had physical therapy multiple times, I still had limited range of motion. Since starting at the Exercise Coach I have improved so much, I can actually reach my bra straps! Thank you for making me so much stronger and leaner.

-C. Yvette T. – Kildeer*

I am very pleased with the results I have achieved so far. I am about 60 days into the program and I’ve lost 20 lbs and feel stronger and healthier than I’ve felt in years. The two workouts each week are challenging, but very effective. The 30-Day Metabolic Comeback eating plan has helped me to totally reconfigure how I eat. I eat more healthy, real food and far less junk food. “Enjoying Strength” is not just a slogan for me. I’m living it.

-Jeff L. – Lake Zurich*

I joined The Exercise Coach® in hopes to start an exercise regimen that I would love and stick with throughout the year. I have found it! I find that the staff at The Exercise Coach® is extremely knowledgeable and truly interested in my success. The sessions are intense and well thought-out. Justin, my coach, has gone above and beyond to meet my needs and pushes me forward to be my best. I like that he stays with me the entire time. I found that many times I either go too fast or shift my position during the exercise; but he quickly corrects me and reminds me why it is important to use the equipment correctly. I look forward to my exercise time and feel like the routines continually change. It keeps my on my toes. I would encourage everyone interested in exercising to come and try it out.

-Laurie W. – St. Louis*

I’ve been going to The Exercise Coach since October 2014 and see a great difference in my muscle tone and strength. I no longer have a “middle age jiggle” in my thighs and feel more toned overall. The staff at The Exercise Coach in Bannockburn is amazing. If something hurts, they know how to best correct it (by strengthening it) or by working around it so you still get a good workout without an injury. They are also personable and care about each client and his or her needs. I heartily recommend The Exercise Coach for the great body “tune up”.

-Sue M. – Vernon Hills*

The Exercise Coach is a good place to change from a 98 pound weakling into the athlete you always wanted to be. Over the last year I have added muscle while losing weight. A terrific combination for me. Via a computer screen attached to each piece of weight lifting equipment, you receive visual feedback as to how hard you are working towards your goals. I have not seen such equipment at other gyms. I have found the visual feedback motivating and successfully keeping me working harder. After 20 minutes, my muscles are more worn out than an hour using other types of equipment. The equipment is well maintained. Despite the sophisticated electronics, only once over a year has a piece of equipment been down. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. They have taught me weight lifting technique that yields results. Instead of 98 pounds, I’m up to 160 pounds of lean muscle. The facility is always clean and welcoming. I cannot say that about other chain gyms where I’ve worked out. The national gyms have towels all over the floor, equipment that needs to be cleaned and equipment that is broken for days or weeks on end. While not cheap, the cost is competitive with other fitness coaches. Given all I can rave about it, the Exercise Coach delivers value. I highly recommend them.

-Robert K. – Libertyville*

I am a long-time client of The Exercise Coach – twice a week for approximately 20 minutes a session. I love the concept of the slow movement that really challenges your muscles without the advantage of momentum. This same approach also discourages injuries. My trainer varies the routine so I never get bored. He always seems to know how much weight I’m capable of handling and is able to motivate me to push myself when I need to. This attitude has spilled over into my daily life and I find I have the confidence to tackle things I used to think I couldn’t handle. I am also able to participate in a variety of sports including skiing, horseback riding, hiking and kayaking. I am fit and strong at 71 and definitely feel better both physically and mentally than I did 30 years ago!

-Pat J. – Lake Barrington*

The Exercise Coach has saved my life! As the owner of a real estate company (during these ‘challenging’ times!) I need an avenue to release my stress and feel like I am doing something really healthy for myself. The Exercise Coach is a perfect fit in every way! Although real estate brokers never know from day to day what their schedules will be, by booking my appointments I am making a commitment to myself AND to my trainer. The trainers are ALL so professional and courteous. They innately know each client’s level of motivation and do a great job of working out a program for that client, which is essential to a successful partnership. They are always positive and encouraging, which creates a win-win situation! I am proud and confident to be able to refer all my clients to such a fabulous facility.

-Connie A. – North Barrington*

Curiosity made me walk in the door, and now that I’ve joined The Exercise Coach program, every time I walk out the door I feel like I’m one step closer to being healthy and stress free. I work in a demanding profession that has taken its toll on my health, weight and sense of well-being. I’ve tried strict weight loss programs and discovered that their approaches were too narrowly focused on chasing a needle on a scale. I started The Exercise Coach program with an open mind and have been very much surprised at how it has affected several aspects of my life. I feel strong and confident. I like feeling that my body has power. The workouts offer a variety of challenges so I’m never bored. I take prescription migraine medication, and have found that, since joining the program, I have not had a single migraine. My energy is renewed. I habitually took a daily dose of “energy” drinks, I no longer feel the need for them. With regard to a sense of well-being, I must admit that this has been the greatest treasure that I’ve discovered with the workouts. Having been physically dormant for so long, I had lost my perspective of the fact that exercise rejuvenates me, my attitudes and my approach to the stress and anxiety that used to plague my day. I look forward to my workout days and the sense of strength I get after each one.

-Beth E. – Scottsdale*

I have been attending twice weekly training sessions at The Exercise Coach for about 15 months now. I am 54 years old and wish I had started this training 30 years ago. I feel so much better, stronger, and have much more stamina. My legs have given me pain and made walking any distance or time very difficult for me over the past 20 years. I am now absolutely pain free in my legs all due to The Exercise Coach. I can walk long distances for long lengths of time without suffering pain. The pain in my lower back is gone as well. I feel that I am truly “enjoying strength.” Everyone at The Exercise Coach is so helpful and encouraging, and the twice weekly 20-minute workouts are very manageable with my busy work schedule. Thanks so much to everyone at The Exercise Coach!

-Deborah H. – Hawthorn Woods*

My husband Dave and I have had a great experience getting into shape at The Exercise Coach. It fits into our lifestyle and we have both lost weight and are in the best shape that we’ve been in for years! Thanks, Exercise Coach! Best, Lisa

-Lisa G. – Libertyville*

It seems that I’ve always been overweight, had chronic inflammation and “been on a diet,” but youth had been on my side until two years ago when my immune system began attacking my organs and skin (common on my mother’s side of the family). After stints with allergists, dermatologists and rheumatologists and visits to the ER for antibiotic and steroidal IVs, I finally learned that I was born with only one side of a liver, which had become filled with fat and septic. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol, was borderline diabetic, and my organs were being pushed out of place by fat. To avoid the liver transplant list, I was directed to go on a low-carb diet and begin hiking in order to lose 100 pounds. The Atkins diet was begun in earnest in July 2013 and I lost 60 pounds by September 2014, but too many of those pounds were muscle loss. My wife saw The Exercise Coach® open nearby and knew that we both needed to sign up. By April 2015 I had lost another 20 pounds, but this time all but ½ pound was body fat and I was beginning to feel quite strong. In April 2015, with counseling from my trainers at The Exercise Coach®, I switched my diet over to their Metabolic Comeback nutrition lifestyle, which meant only eating whole, real foods, eliminating the laboratory chemicals and unhealthy fats that Atkins allowed, adding fruit, good fats and expanding my vegetable choices. The change in diet, along with regular intensive workouts, brought very significant changes to my body. I lost the final 20 pounds to reach my goal weight, got off the BP and cholesterol meds, no longer have runaway inflammation, have ideal immune, antioxidant and micronutrient levels, drastically reduced my cholesterol (HDL, mostly the good, buoyant HDL, is now much higher than LDL), dropped my A1c by more than a point, my organs are migrating back to where they belong, and my doctor says I have zero risk of metabolic syndrome. Best of all, at my visit at the liver disease and transplant center last week, my liver scan and blood tests showed a smooth, trim, healthy and fully functioning (albeit half) liver. The hematologist said he was proud of me and called me their poster child (at age 63!) for showing them how to make up for even congenital problems through proper diet and exercise. I thank my trainers at The Exercise Coach® for playing a key role in allowing me to regain my health. My wife and I plan to continue with them for years to come to maintain our bodies and live long, active lives.

-Dennis N. – Scottsdale*

I have not had a regular workout routine in over 15 years, mainly due to work constraints and a busy lifestyle. I was looking for a gym that offered personal training when I stumbled upon The Exercise Coach. I was sold day one when I spoke to Amanda and she explained how the 20 minute, 2 days a week program works. I have been coming to The Exercise Coach for over six months now and have seen steady results along with increased endurance and strength. The last time I felt and looked this good was in my 20’s. Everyone at The Exercise Coach is nice, caring, knowledgeable, and motivating. The family-like atmosphere makes it easier to keep going week after week.

-Kevin F. – Scottsdale*

I am a skeptic. I read testimonials with very little consideration for their truth. I have been working out with trainers for five years. I have never gotten the results I expected. When I complained I was told to add another day of training or, do more cardio. Working out five days a week became a job with no benefits. In desperation I decided to try The Exercise Coach. Now I am writing a testimonial. I went from five days a week to two days a week with two twenty minute sessions. In eight sessions, four weeks, I have seen changes that I have struggled to achieve for years. More free time, a better body, and less time in the gym. It’s true, I love Exercise Coach, and the entire staff care about helping me achieve. I am so glad I made the switch to Exercise Coach and gained free time results! I can’t wait to see how I progress over time.

-Marsha H. – Scottsdale, AZ*

I enjoy coming to The Exercise Coach twice a week as I feel that I am getting a good solid workout in an abbreviated time frame. I feel physically stronger throughout my entire body and have a better sense of balance, confidence and strength in my everyday living experiences than I did before I started this program. The coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging as one works out. They also set the equipment in the proper positions for each person to minimize the chance of injury and to maximize the correct muscle results. The facility is always clean, cool, bright and welcoming, too. The staff always greets me with a cheery ‘hello’ upon arrival and a ‘have a great day’ as I leave. In short, The Exercise Coach is a great way to work out and safely and quickly gain strength.

-Rosemary W. – Arlington Heights*

In 2012 I turned 80 and even though I’m in good health I knew I was not exercising enough. So, after hearing about Exercise Coach I joined in September. In December, while on vacation in NC I was walking up and down hills two and three miles a day. So, going to my classes 20 minutes two times per week with a personal trainer has paid off. It’s never too late to change your body. This muscle building training is the best.

-Joanne T. – Wauconda*

Could it be that so much of what we’ve learned about exercise turns out to be wrong? I was skeptical when I first started talking with Brian about his approach. But after a year of putting it to the test, my wife and I are lifers!

-Andy K. – President, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development Inc.*

As clients of The Exercise Coach since 2003, my wife and I have found their personal training approach to be life changing. Every day we notice how our strength and physical well being has dramatically improved. This is the exercise investment that will pay off regardless of your age or situation.

-Don W. – Arlington Heights*

I have been receiving strength training from The Exercise Coach for about three years. Large, commercial gyms or fitness centers are not my style but I needed a program that fits my lifestyle, so flexibility of time was key. The bi-weekly, twenty-minute sessions fit this perfectly and I’m so pleased with the results. I’ve gained strength, which I recognized almost immediately in that I can carry my photo and work backpacks without strain on my shoulders or getting sore. This program has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and has motivated me to continue this practice. Having the personal trainer and guidance is critical to my success!

-Michele H. – Buffalo Grove*

*Testimonial Disclaimer: Testimonials found on this site are descriptions of individual client experiences, using their own words to describe their involvement at The Exercise Coach. However, we cannot guarantee similar results. Should you choose to participate in our program, your results may vary as every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.

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