I began working out at the Exercise Coach in Libertyville in July 2012. I had successfully avoided exercise for over 50 years! But I finally decided to make my health and well-being a priority. I’m sure glad I did! I have lost nearly 30 pounds. I have gone from a size 16 jean to a size 8 jean. I now wear a size medium or small top. No more XL for me! My family is amazed by my transformation. I feel great. I have a lot of energy. I feel good about myself. Kevin and Nathan, the trainers at the Libertyville location, are absolutely fantastic! They are both encouraging and non-judgmental. They make we want to work hard. They have become good friends and I know they have my best interest and my best health at heart! I would recommend the Exercise Coach to everyone!

-Robin W. – Libertyville*

I couldn’t be happier with my results from The Exercise Coach! I have lost 35 pounds and am getting stronger every week. I noticed a difference in my muscles within the first couple of weeks. The staff is great and encouraging, and I can’t wait to see my figure transform even more. I’m so glad I made the decision to get healthy. I love The Exercise Coach! You can’t beat it – it’s only 20 minutes! Finally, a workout that fits into my busy schedule, with huge results.

–Diane B. – Scottsdale*

I became a client at The Exercise Coach 2 months ago. In that time, I have had results with two 20 minute sessions per week that I was unable to attain working out with a trainer in a traditional gym 3-5 times a week, plus extra independent workouts. Starting at an average weight and body fat range, I was still able to lose 7 pounds of fat and gain 2.4 pounds of muscle in just the two months since joining The Exercise Coach. My husband started The Metabolic Comeback Nutrition Program along with his two 20 minute sessions per week and was able to lose 22 pounds and 10.75 inches in 30 days! As a busy professional with young children, getting to the gym falls far down on the priority list. The convenience and efficiency of The Exercise Coach workouts have been ideal for our family. The proof is in the results!

–Melissa S. – Scottsdale*

The Exercise Coach helped me lose forty pounds of body fat without one minute of the conventional cardio that had been failing me for so long! Even more impressive – I’ve kept this off for the last 5 years and feel great.

-Ward C. – Lake Bluff*

I began working out at The Exercise Coach about 3 months ago. Although I was skeptical initially, as I had tried working out at various stages of my life, I decided to take the plunge and commit to their program of exercise and healthy diet for 90 days to see if it really could make a difference. After a few short weeks I actually started feeling better, and the bonus was that I was being told, by friends and family, that I looked “great”. Las week, my day of reckoning came in the form of my annual physical. My doctor was not only surprised but amazed that I had lost 20 pounds of body fat. He was even more impressed by the fact that all of the key health numbers had improved significantly and, according to him, he could not have prescribed any medication that would have reduced the numbers so dramatically. I am now hooked on my weekly workouts at The Exercise Coach.

-Nick C. – Scottsdale*

I have always had a weight problem and finally made a conscious decision to do something about it. The Exercise Coach told me their program involved strength training 20 minutes, two times per week, and sensible eating. They stressed the importance of muscle mass and its effect on metabolism and insured me that their methods were the safest and most effective around. I told them in one year I want to lose 50lbs. Not only did I make my goal, I exceeded it. I have shed over 60lbs in the last 18 months, and because of my strength training I have preserved my metabolism during the process. I am totally transformed!

-Maria Z. – Arlington Heights*

I never would have believed a woman in her 50’s could lose forty pounds doing just two, 20 minute workouts per week. If I hadn’t done it, that is! The Exercise Coach approach is life changing.

-Diana F. – Park Ridge*

I knew that my sessions at The Exercise Coach would be important to me, but it wasn’t until I had a 52 lb. weight loss that I realized how important they really were to my health. For more than four years, I have been an Exercise Coach client. I have two 20-minute sessions per week. My coaches (Chad, Troy, Nate) planned a strength training program for my success. I immediately noticed increased physical stability and endurance. The slow methodical effort and pace of their training has proven to be the best for building muscle and strength. These two 20-minute sessions have lasting effects for an entire week. I know that today I have much more endurance than I had when I was in my 20s. But my biggest success was when I wanted to lose more weight. My weight loss goal was a modest amount but after three months, I surpassed that goal for a weight loss of more than 20 lbs. We determined that my strength training, along with a healthy eating plan, was the reason I continued to lose weight but not muscle mass. Today, I feel stronger than I did when I was younger and I have the confidence to set new strength training goals. I look forward to my strength training sessions each week and miss them when I am out of town. To my coaches Troy and Nate I say, thank you! You each told me I could, you stood by me while I did it, and you continue to be the partners I need to move forward to make sure that I have the strongest body for my physical well-being. I am an Exercise Coach supporter and fan – I tell everyone I meet about your business and my success.

-Marta H. – Park Ridge*

I have been utterly amazed to be living proof The Exercise Coach program. I have experienced quantifiable improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and body fat levels. In addition, my quality of life in terms of daily energy, uninterrupted sleep and physical well- being has increased beyond my imagination.

-Tony L. – Schaumburg*

For years I struggled with my weight. I tried numerous diets and excercise programs, including personal trainers, but didn’t have much success. Even worse, as soon as I got off the program or diet, I’d gain the weight back and then some. It put me in a deep hole with 150 pounds to lose. I knew that I needed a new approach and it had to be effective. I wasn’t interested in wasting my time, energy or money on something that didn’t work. Enter the Exercise Coach. Their innovative program has made a huge difference in my ability to lose weight and regain my fitness. The workout was challenging but even with bad knees and a bad back I was able to do it. Within 6 weeks my knees and back no longer hurt.The coaches worked with me to achieve my goals safely. I felt like I had a real partner in my success. I think my coaches were as excited as I was on the day I was finally able to fit into my wedding rings again! With their nutrition plan, the Metabolic Comeback, I’ve gotten a new appreciation for high quality, wholesome foods and how they improve my skin, my energy and my body. I even sleep better eating this way.This is not the over-processed, low fat junk that other programs pass off as healthy eating. There are no potions or powders, but real food. It is truly the way we were born to eat. After two years of success, it still feels almost too good to be true. How can two 20-minute sessions a week be this effective? The fact is that I do a lot less work and get much better results. I can hardly believe I’ve lost 100 pounds in exactly 100 weeks and am still going strong. I cannot imagine a better program. I am once again a full participant in my own life. 100 pounds in 100 weeks Exercise: 20 minutes 2x / week Time invested: 40 minutes / pound of weight loss Compare this to Steve Blair or biggest loser or the person who goes to the gym 5 days a week and can’t lose a pound!

-JoAnn S. – Schaumburg*

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