When I started with Exercise Coach in 2001, I had just finished therapy for a frozen shoulder. My left side was much weaker than the right.  All that is just a memory since I no longer have any sign of that diagnosis. I have kept with the workouts all these years because I have continued to experience great results.  As I have gotten older, my joints are still strong and pain free. I am strong!  I can still keep up with the next generation since I am now a grandma.

-Mary Jean C. – Buffalo Grove, IL*

My wife and I have been working out at The Exercise Coach for over 10 years. We are in the BEST shape of our lives and our joint problems have disappeared. We highly recommend The Exercise Coach for all ages!

-Gerry C. – Buffalo Grove, IL*

I’m so thankful for finding The Exercise Coach about 13 years ago. I had been working with a trainer at another gym and put in at least 6 hours of work a week. I felt like all of my free time was there. This program proved to be more successful without my having to give up all of my free time. The trainers are professional and courteous. I look forward to my workout time! Thank you Exercise Coach.

–Mary J R. – Niles, IL*

The Exercise Coach has met all of my needs for a healthy workout system. The time is short and intensive. I don’t have to spend long periods of time in a gym to realize the same results. I never plateau, I keep getting better and stronger. The studio is very clean and well managed. I highly recommend The Exercise Coach as a short, safe, well thought-out workout program. I am eighty (80) years old and the program helps me be flexible and strong!

–Frank N. – Des Plaines, IL*

The Exercise Coach is without a doubt – THE SINGLE MOST effective, efficient, and productive workout around. It embraces and develops the tenets of true “high intensity training” as promulgated by Arthur Jones. Brief but difficult, the workouts feature innovative technology and knowledgeable trainers. For over 10 years, it has worked incredibly well for me!

-Sean D. – Vernon Hills, IL*

The Exercise Coach has been a god-send. With expert guidance of my coach, I exercise key muscle groups leading to more energy and a toned body. I have more energy now at 76 than I had 10 years ago at 66, just before I started. Anyone can spare 20 minutes – no need to spend hours at a conventional gym. Exercise Coach – you are for me!

-Rachel W. – Deerfield, IL*

Although this program is short in it’s duration (20 minutes), it makes up for it in intensity. It is the most important twenty minutes of my my week! Even though I am happy when it is over (LOL), I know my body will suffer if I miss a session or two. I highly recommend The Exercise Coach to anyone of any age.

-Marian N. – Des Plaines, IL*

I have been going to The Exercise Coach for over 12 years. It was recommended to me by my doctor because I have osteoporosis. Prior to starting with The Exercise Coach, I had been given an array of medications to help with the condition. Unfortunately, I had adverse reactions to all of them. Hence, Exercise Coach! After two years of training, I had built my bones back up and remained there for over 10 years. The Exercise Coach has made me physically stronger which reduces my risk factors for bone breaks. The side effects for doing something to improve my bones and strength are: more energy; ability to do other physical activity; and a great sense of well-being. Thank you Exercise Coach.

-Terri B. – Arlington Heights, IL*

I like the concept of the Exercise Coach and once each week works for me! Everyone is friendly and helpful and I have great coaches. I feel The Exercise Coach helps me keep on task in regard to my diet and my exercise!

-Mary H. – Buffalo Grove, IL*

I always get an outstanding workout and the staff is very attentive to my needs. Thank you for over 10 years of great service.

-Allan B. – Palatine, IL*

At the age of 59, I am stronger than I was in my 20’s! The Exercise Coach is responsible for this transformation. The workouts are intense and productive. My trainer is the best I have ever worked with. The team’s passion for success is evident every time I workout. I would encourage everyone to try The Exercise Coach, regardless of their current physical shape. Results WILL happen and they will be happier for doing it.

-Anonymous Decade + Client*

I have been coming to The Exercise Coach for 14 years! I love the strength training and I would never achieve these results on my own!

-Marie A. – Buffalo Grove, IL*

For over 10 years I have been coming to The Exercise Coach because I believe that core strength is very important as you grow older. I am now over 60 years old but feel that I am stronger than I was when I was in my twenties. The staff at The Exercise Coach knows when to push you and when to ease off. A few years ago, I was very close to having back surgery. But, after working on my back strength at The Exercise Coach, I avoided the surgery and now my back feels great!

-Jerry B. – Arlington Heights, IL*

I like the concept of the Exercise Coach and once each week works for me! Everyone is friendly and helpful and I have great coaches. I feel The Exercise Coach helps me keep on task in regard to my diet and my exercise!

-Berton W. – Deerfield, IL*

I am 57 years old and have been working out with The Exercise Coach for over 15 years.  I am an avid golfer and have avoided any back, shoulder, knee, or foot issues.  I attribute that to the conditioning I have received at The Exercise Coach. More compelling is the fact that I was in a very severe auto accident that resulted in 10 rib fractures and multiple other injuries requiring a 2 month hospitalization and 9 months of rehab. I have recovered totally and experience no residuals from the injuries. I attribute my quick and continued recovery to the physical condition I was in, as a result of my hard work at The Exercise Coach.

-D.C. – Chicago, IL*

I was lucky enough to meet Brian, C.E.O, when I was working near The Exercise Coach. My biggest problem was “time commitment” required at most gyms. Since I have been working out at The Exercise Coach, I am always in shape and I feel good about myself. It’s always a plus to hear that I don’t look my age! The trainers are very competent and dedicated in that they truly want you to succeed. I personally appreciate them and have developed a good friendship. The equipment is so innovative and updated, and the ambiance is nice. Also, having set appointments keeps me from making excuses. I am sure that if I had signed up at another health club, I would not visit very often. So I plan to be here another 10 years and why not even more since they keep me in such great shape!

-Patrick C. – Wheeling, IL*

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