I started at The Exercise Coach at the end of January, 2015, as a part of my New Year’s resolution to get healthy, lose some weight, and gain more energy. My husband was very supportive and bought me a gift certificate. I did not know anything about The Exercise Coach’s workouts or philosophy. The two-20 minute workouts each week seemed too good to be true. I was also introduced to the February 30 Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge where you eat whole foods, healthy fats, and eliminate gluten, dairy and added sugars. It sounded like the perfect compliment to my new exercise plan. I started to feel better right away! No more bloating after I ate, I had more energy, and the weight started coming off. It was easy to schedule the workouts even with traveling, work, and family commitments. At the end of the 30 days, I couldn’t believe I WON the 30 Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. The formula of nutritious foods and strength exercises really paid off. I highly recommend The Exercise Coach to anyone who wants to feel better, lose weight, and get stronger. It is the easiest program to fit into your life, especially if you work, have children, and have a hectic schedule. The trainers are all friendly, knowledgeable, and are there to support you.

-Colleen I. – Lake Zurich*

The Exercise Coach has been a blessing in my life. I did the 30 day challenge and I feel really great! I have seen changes in my body, including weight loss and muscle tone, and my wife has also noticed! The 30 day challenge has helped me to change my eating habits and I actually crave healthy foods now. My body is stronger, I have more confidence, and I really enjoy the workouts!

-Jerry B. – Fox River Grove*

I just finished the 30 Day Challenge! I can hardly believe I am now drinking green smoothies with veggies, almond milk, fruit, and Coach Fuel protein powder. (That is some feat since I never drank shakes due to the texture). As my trainer Mike reminded me, “mind over matter!” Mike was very supportive throughout and always pushed me to push myself, even beyond when I think I can push no more. Stella, the office manager, gave me great tips on the smoothies too! Hopefully I can continue to eat better and continue on the journey.

–Sue S. – Buffalo Grove*

Over the last 30 days I participated in the 30 Day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. To my surprise, I stuck with it 100% and as a result, lost 17 pounds!  I feel great and all of my friends and family have taken notice. I totally recommend The Exercise Coach to everyone! Thank you.

-Aaron G. – Buffalo Grove*

I started at The Exercise Coach at the beginning of the year in hopes to increase my strength for golf and fit into my previous pants size. I can share that it has been a very positive and successful experience due to my wonderful wife that also comes and supports me, the flexible scheduling, and all the wonderful staff – especially Bruno the Lead Trainer.

-Rick R. – Lake Zurich*

When I began working out at The Exercise Coach, my goals were to improve my overall strength, with emphasis on my core and posture. I was already taking 90-minute hot yoga classes three times a week, so the efficiency of a 20-minute workout was very appealing. The result from consistently attending my twice-weekly workouts has been an increase in total body muscle strength of 29%. The staff at the Town & Country studio provides me ongoing motivation and also teaches me the science behind the various exercises. Both of these are key to my continual commitment to The Exercise Coach® program. I recently participated in the 30 day Metabolic Comeback Challenge. The staff encouraged me to participate, and provided the knowledge and encouragement for me to succeed. Weight loss was never a prevalent goal, as I was at a relatively healthy weight. The main thing I wanted to gain from the Metabolic Comeback™ was a reset on some of my eating habits (too much sugar) and also to see if eating whole foods would result in better sleep. Happily, the challenge delivered substantial results: improved sleep, better overall energy & digestive health, and a 14 lb weight loss. During the 30 days I found myself actually enjoying cooking again, and I am looking forward to trying more recipes from the resources at The Exercise Coach. I am thankful to have the staff of Don, Justin, Jessica, Shannon, Jose, and Marissa in my fitness corner, cheering me on.

-Cheryl G. – St. Louis*

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful program! I have tried so many weight loss programs (Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, etc.) and none compare to The Exercise Coach. I would go to the gym and work out every day and not see any inch loss. Yes, I felt good for the day and of course, sore. Over the years, I have lost maybe 20 pounds, but gained it back. I have always eaten good food and watched my portions. But I still drank my soda and when my energy was down, I would eat a candy bar (usually every day). At the gym, I signed up for a personal trainer but I went through three of them before I said “forget it”. They were more interested in working with the young cute gals. They weren’t interested in helping someone who really needed them. Then, I saw Amanda Coe on Good Morning Arizona – 20 minutes, twice a week! Now this was a program for me! And what a program it is. I started the exercise program in November, 2013, and my stamina after each workout lasts for several days. I went cold turkey on the 30 Day Metabolic Comeback nutrition program and switched from my sodas and candy bars for energy to fruit. It was really easy. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t miss my root beer. The plan was so easy. My biggest obstacle was eating so much food. It is true that you have to eat to lose weight! It’s all about the eating! Who knew? The recommend organic, but I still shop at Fry’s and really haven’t changed the food that I eat – I have changed the amount and portion sizes. Since my first measurements, I lost 10 inches overall. I just purchased new shorts and some tees in XL. I have always bought 2X. I am so excited with the results. I am not expecting fast results because it took me a long time to get to the weight I am. But this time next year, I will see some great results and hopefully be very close to my goal. I am not focusing on the weight loss – it’s the inches that matter. I love flexing my arms and watching that bump jump! My grandkids get a kick out of it! It used to be nothing but flap and now I can actually feel muscle in there. Thank you Amanda Coe for being on Good Morning Arizona! And thank you to the personal trainers that care about the people they are helping and not what the people look like. Love you guys!!!

-Barbara C. – Scottsdale*

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been actively working to improve my health. I’ve tried many new and old activities that I love such as swimming, kayaking, and walking. I’ve become more aware of the impact of my food choices and portion sizes. My track record and trajectory over these three years has been good and in line with achieving my health and fitness goals. Strength training was missing from my routine. I was surprisingly intimidated by the weights and machines as I had never done this before. A friend recommended The Exercise Coach. So, 9 months ago, I put my brave face on, walked in, and signed up. I’m so glad I did. The staff was, and continues to be, very knowledgeable, accepting, and encouraging. I saw results quickly. I’m feeling stronger each month. After many family celebrations in the fall followed by the holidays, I needed to right my course. I had 3 months of a less than stellar diet and many hard fought pounds had found their way back to me. I signed up for the Metabolic Comeback Challenge. Again, it was just what I needed. While I’ve heard some people may have challenges adjusting to changes like this, I thrived on it. I had tons of energy, wasn’t hungry, and had no cravings throughout the challenge. The weight I had put on melted away quickly. After 30 days, I’m back to my healthy lifestyle and feeling stronger. I plan to continue a whole-foods based way of eating and checking in at The Exercise Coach twice a week as I work towards my bigger goal of being fit and fabulous by 55!

-Susan M. – Lake Zurich*

I was very pleased with my results. I lost about 9.5 lbs doing the 30 day Metabolic Comeback Challenge and never had any problems sticking to the whole foods plan – I’d even say I enjoyed it. Several things that I focused on were my portion sizes, properly spaced meals and snack times, as well as drinking more water. Also, I have found that I feel so much better, with more energy, and my mood has improved. I plan to stay with the whole foods regimen for the most part, maybe two to three times a month cheating on something from the “NO” list of foods, which would be like the 90/10 ratio discussed at the introduction meeting. I realize now that strength training AND healthy eating is the cure to reducing FAT!! Thanks to all of the wonderful coaches. I’ve never ever been a real exerciser and I must say that I enjoy coming to the studio and working out with them! Their encouragement and expertise are greatly appreciated.

-Candace B. – Scottsdale*

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