The Exercise Coach

Nancy P., Northbrook, IL

At the age of 69, I am alive, happy and for the first time, succeeding with exercise and weight loss that feels right for me. I believe you can change and succeed at any age. I walked into the Exercise Coach and instantly felt at home. The Coaches couldn’t have been more welcoming and encouraging. … Read more

Cathie H., Eden Prairie, MN

I used to exercise a lot, and have run 12 marathons, but I fell into a rut for several years because I didn’t have time for long, intense workouts. Now I know that is not even necessary!  I am amazed at what two, 20-minute workouts a week can accomplish – especially when you incorporate whole-effort exercise … Read more

Lynn P., Cranberry Township, PA

I was tired and unable to keep up with my life. Contracting Lyme’s disease 3 years ago caused a severe weakening of my major muscle groups. I was afraid of my future outlook. My strength was gone. Now, I’m gaining back the strength I lost plus losing inches and toning places I didn’t think I … Read more

P. R., Germantown, TN

I chose to go to The Exercise Coach for several reasons and I am so glad that I did! I love the fact that it is a small gym and I have a personal trainer who works with me throughout my session. The machines challenge me but don’t defeat me. I am competitive and I … Read more

Gail N., North Naples, FL

Due to a knee injury, I had to find a workout regimen that was kinder to my body. I stumbled upon The Exercise Coach and at first, I was skeptical that two, 20-minute workouts a week would be enough to give me the results I wanted. After 3 months, I was stronger with much better … Read more

Shawnae B., Westchase, FL

The Exercise Coach is a fast, effective way to exercise regularly that does NOT take up hours of your week. If you’re like me, and you find walking into a large gym a bit overwhelming, this is your gym. The trainers are fantastic. Each one unique and bringing something different to the work out. And … Read more

Beth M., Shelby Township, MI

I reached a point in my life when I decided I needed to take charge of myself. We all know people who are far too young to miss out on traveling, playing actively with their grandchildren and enjoying work in their yard. When I chose to join The Exercise Coach, I had never done strength … Read more

Dave B., Perrysburg, OH

I cannot say enough about the trainers at The Exercise Coach….very personable, supportive and encouraging. They are very positive in supporting you to not only reach your goals, but also to achieve them. I encourage anyone looking to take that next step towards either starting or improving their fitness to try The Exercise Coach and … Read more

Doug A., Shorewood, WI

Twenty minutes twice a week has made a huge difference in the strength and confidence I feel in the activities of my everyday life. Nothing feels quite so strenuous now, and I have halted and reversed a steady decline I was experiencing with my strength as I got older. The Exercise Coach technology is impressive. … Read more

D. B., Newton, PA

I had reached a point in my health journey of needing a safe catalyst to fire up a full body transformation. Coming from a former varsity high school athlete who went through two lower back surgeries and a muscular dystrophy diagnosis all while building a growing business, I had landed at my worst health state. … Read more