Virtual Personal Training with the Exercise Coach®

Get a great whole-effort workout – at home – led by one of our expert coaches

The Virtual Exercise Coach™ offers industry-leading Virtual personal training, right in the comfort of your own home!

Don’t worry! This is not a workout video you do on your own. The Virtual Exercise Coach™ is a personalized, live, one-on-one personal training session with the same coaches from your local Exercise Coach studio.

And yes, 20 minutes, twice a week is what you would continue to expect from The Exercise Coach™. Our in-studio methods transfer to our outstanding virtual sessions and you will be surprised at how challenging and effective it will be! All you will need to begin is a laptop or iPad; a beach towel, and two sturdy chairs. We will guide you through the rest!

The Virtual Exercise Coach is a sophisticated, yet simple way to advance your health and fitness goals when you are unable to get into the studio, for any reason!

Maintain Your Strength, Health, and Routine

  • 1-on-1 Training through your laptop or iPad
  • 20-Minute, evidence-based workouts
  • Expert supervision for maximum safety and effectiveness
  • Each session is live, by appointment, and delivered by your local Exercise Coach® team


To claim your Free 40-Minute Virtual Personal Training Intro Session contact your local studio by call, text, or email to set up a convenient time! » Click here to find your studio’s contact information*


*At Participating Studios.


“I had my first virtual strength training session on Friday. It was challenging and my trainer kept me motivated throughout. Don’t let the Stay-at-Home orders keep you from doing your strength training. I highly recommend this format during this time and any time you are away from the studio.” — Nancy A

“Virtual training is a good alternative to working out in person. The trainers are the trainers that know you. They are motivating, knowledgeable, and they make sure proper form and posture are used. The first question they ask is if you have any physical limitations. They will customize the workout accordingly.
It is a quick, challenging workout! I like that each session is different to prevent boredom and work other muscles. This is a great alternative if you are on vacation or can’t make it into the studio. Once again, Gerianne and Brian have listened to their clients needs and are constantly improving a well-oiled machine without losing sight of their philosophy! ”
— Pam S

“As to the quality of the virtual workout, it wore me out!  I have been walking and riding my bike but was not doing much muscle work. I felt the burn on every exercise and was quite fatigued.  Where my form was off a bit, my trainer did what he does so well and made appropriate comments when it needed adjustment. My trainer was superb in giving feedback through every exercise, correcting positions and explaining what I needed to be doing. I find that extremely helpful. I think it is even more important when doing it virtually. When he makes comments such as, “point your toes down” or whatever, I even forget it is a remote visit. Those comments are what makes this a “coaching session” rather than working out on your own. Right now, about an hour later, I am feeling the wonderful endorphin rush!” — Ward C.

We’re so excited to support your health and fitness, even if you are unable to head into the studio for any personal reason. Don’t let that keep you from achieving the health and fitness outcomes that are most important to you!

To claim your Free 40-Minute Virtual Personal Training Intro Session contact your local studio by call, text, or email to set up a convenient time! Click here to find your studio’s contact information.