Twenty-minute workouts can transform your strength and health

Recent research has confirmed what we’ve always believed – that personal physical strength might be the single most important marker of health and functional aging.  Studies have linked muscle health and strength with critical biomarkers at the root of heart disease, Alzheimers, stroke, and more.  Some studies have even shown strength to be a direct predictor of longevity! As one physician, Irwin Rosenburg, M.D., puts it, “Muscle to a far greater extent than most people realize is responsible for the vitality of their whole physiological apparatus.”

That’s one of the reasons we’re so focused on strength at The Exercise Coach. It’s not that we want to turn baby-boomers and seniors into master body-builders.  Instead, it’s that we know that muscle is the window to the rest of the body and to the health results that matter most to our customers.  The loss of muscle that begins around age 30 usually becomes noticeable around age 40 and, over the decades that follow, drives the downward loss of strength and health.  However, not only is the age-related loss of muscle preventable, but it’s also entirely reversible.  With the restoration of strength comes the transformational life of health.  Our clients count on us to help them make the most of the life they have been given.  No physical training strategy is more effective than optimizing strength to enhance one’s quality of life.