The Founders of The Exercise Coach


Brian Cygan, founder and CEO of The Exercise Coach, has spent 2 decades creating and delivering the highest quality exercise to thousands of clients nationwide. His passion for smarter and more science-based solutions lead to the creation of The Exercise Coach franchise opportunity, and continues to inform and drive the company’s passion to innovate through technology and excellent client service.

Throughout his years studying human physiology and exercise science, Brian discovered that conventional fitness wisdom was failing most people. Standard workouts were inefficient, relatively ineffective, and often times provided a significant risk of injury. Those who needed the benefits from exercise the most were being left on the sidelines. He began to search for a better fitness solution; one that would be both efficient and effective, while remaining accessible everyone – not just fitness fanatics.

The Exercise Coach® was founded in 2000 in the Chicago suburbs. For the past 16 years, Brian and his team have been perfecting and delivering the best, most efficient and highly effective workouts designed to maximize results with a shorter time commitment. It has grown from a single studio to 36 locations and a rapidly expanding franchise system.

Brian and his team are excited to continue to write The Exercise Coach story. His passion to empower and encourage his clients has grown into a desire to teach franchise owners how to deliver The Exercise Coach system in their local markets, and to continue to innovate in the health and exercise industries to make life-changing exercise available for anyone.
Franchise Focus With The Exercise Coach


The Exercise Coach has been designed from the ground up to eliminate many of the barriers to wellness that exist in the current fitness industry. Roughly 85% of the US adult population is not engaged in meaningful exercise. The 4 main reasons are…

1. I don't have time.
2. I don't like the gym scene.
3. I'm afraid of getting hurt.
4. I really don't like to exercise.

Driven by a scientific understanding of the human body, and empowered by the worlds smartest fitness technology, The Exercise Coach training system removes each of these barriers to fitness. In just 2, 20-minute workouts per week, we can deliver concentrated exercise in a comfortable studio setting. Our bio-adaptive fitness technology delivers the right intensity for each individual during every moment of the exercise experience. Each session is guided by certified coaches who are trained to motivate, encourage and inspire clients to achieve their best effort.

In 2011, The Exercise Coach began expanding by offering the system as a franchise, and in 2014, we will have Exercise Coach studios in 12 states. After 16 years of coaching thousands of clients, we are now focused on empowering other like-minded entrepreneurs to bring the world’s smartest workout to their communities.
The Exercise Coach Franchise System


The Exercise Coach franchise is a compact and powerful business system that provides entrepreneurial franchisees a clear path to success while operating a personally rewarding business. Consistent client experience and a truly proprietary approach allow you to be the proud owner of the smartest fitness business in your community.

The Exercise Coach advantage over traditional training is our proven process of service delivery. One of the great benefits to our industry-leading fitness technology is a standardized service delivery that is consistent no matter the coach or location, yet can adapt precisely to meet the needs of each individual client. All client workouts are stored and data is produced that allows your coaches to provide smart recommendations for and for clients to see proof of results as they continue to progress.

Measuring performance isn’t simply confined to the workout, however. Our custom-designed business management platform allows franchise owners to monitor the key business metrics like client acquisition, retention, payment processing, marketing effectiveness and employee performance from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world. This freedom and operational simplicity means that whether you own and manage one or several studios, you can keep track of your business and provide real-time intelligence to your staff in each location.
Franchise Support At The Exercise Coach


The value of a franchise system is the support and training provided by the franchise company. With sixteen years of experience in the fitness business we have you covered throughout the entire pre-opening and ongoing operations of your studio.

Real Estate Assistance: To help determine the best location, we conduct customized demographic research and provide you with all the information needed to select the best location for your studio. Once a site is approved and selected, we will advise and assist in getting the best deal possible.

Studio Build-Out and Design: You will receive detailed checklists and guides that outline the planning and construction phases of the build-out, and our development staff will assist you in all phases of planning and implementing the construction of your studio. In addition, we will help manage the ordering and installation of the exercise equipment, ensuring that you are ready to train clients opening day.

Pre-Opening Training: Our pre-opening training consists of two components: 1. Pre-Opening Online Training – utilizing an internet-based learning management platform, each franchisee and staff member can complete all coursework remotely at their own pace. 2. In-Person Training – you and your team will spend 6 days of hands-on training in several operating studio environments.  You will shadow our corporate coaches in an operating studio environment, and you and your staff will complete the certification process, allowing your team to coach clients in your studio as soon as you open.

Ongoing Support: You will also receive ongoing support and training in all areas of operating your studio, from coaching clients to managing employees, to marketing your business. Our corporate team has decades of studio ownership and client training experience, and we pour that wisdom into regular conference calls, coaching tips, programming and a yearly franchise conference.

Marketing: We have discovered many truths in our 16 years of business, and the most consistent predictor of success in a local business is regular marketing to the right target markets in your service area.  We have a comprehensive marketing guide to lead you in best practices.  Our three-pronged approach of external marketing, internal messaging and referral-based partnerships provide you with all the firepower you need to bring clients in even before you open your doors!

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